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Stop fighting at home!

Stop fighting at home!

We could imagine, given the wealth of popular wisdom that tells us that "the beat is broken from heaven" and "where the mother grows up", that violence against children is a 100% Romanian phenomenon.

In reality, however, Romania is one of the 39 states, few of them right, which have prohibited by law any form of violence against children (only 8.4% of the world's children live in these states). However, Romania is the clear example where one can see how, despite the laws sanctioning violence against children, adults continue to strike, with their hands and their words, thus drawing attention to the fact that, beyond being sufficient, the law is only the first necessary step in the fight to eliminate any form of violence against our children. The second is education.

According to a study conducted by Save the Children, in Romania, 63% of Romanian children say they are beaten at home by their parents when they behave differently than they want or expect.

Even if in Romania the use of corporal punishment on children is sanctioned by law for about a decade, this fact does not generate the expectation that a parent who hits his child loses this status. Beating is a social behavior accepted and inherited from generation to generation, even though many parents acknowledge that apart from an immediate submission by the child and their own illusion that they have done something to correct a behavioral problem, such a reaction does not bring anything else. only negative emotions on both sides. Basically, parents will feel guilty and ashamed for losing their compassion, for hurting their child, and the child will feel fear or anger toward his or her parent, as well as the confusion generated by the same hand eating and hitting both.

When it comes to beating, most parents invoke situations in which the child's behavior becomes so problematic that they feel the need to apply an immediate and severe intervention. This need is based on the belief that many adults share, that a child learns through suffering the most important life lessons - the lesson of respect for the other, of obedience to the rules, of honesty and responsibility. Only, what is lost in such a conviction is precisely the understanding of the causes that led to the emergence of problematic behaviors of the child and the fact that, very often, even through their reactions, adults maintain or aggravate these behaviors.

In this context, Save the Children Romania is running a campaign against the ease with which Romanians treat violence against children. Through the Stop Fighting at Home! Campaign, Save the Children is sounding an alarm signal regarding this social problem before which most of us seem to have capitulated.

The campaign aims, first and foremost, to make the public aware of the positive methods of educating children - reminding all those facing the problem of domestic violence, whether parents or children, that Save the Children offers them free counseling services. through five parent counseling centers (opened in Bucharest, Iasi, Timisoara, Targu -Mures and Suceava) and the Center for Emotional and Behavioral Education for Children in the Capital. Moreover, on the website, an online information and counseling platform, you are waiting for the team of psychologists prepared with positive parenting tips and to overcome the crisis situations without using violence.

This is the sixth campaign started by Save the Children Romania in order to reduce the phenomenon of violence against the child. Among the achievements of these actions are the inclusion of articles that prohibit any form of violence against children in Law 272/2004 (known as the "Law of the child"), the declaration of June 5 as the Day against violence against children or the opening of six education and service centers for parents, through which we offer free psychological counseling services.