It's all about Halloween

It's all about Halloween

The story says that, on this day, October 31, the spirits of people who have died in the last year are returning to earth in search of living bodies to possess them for next year, this being the only hope of having a life after death.

The Celts considered that all the laws of space and time are suspended on this day, allowing spirits to interact with the living.

The living did not want to be possessed. Thus, on the night of October 31, the villagers put out the fires in their homes, to be cold and thus become unwanted. They dressed in all sorts of silly costumes and participated in galloping parades in their neighborhood, trying to be as destructive as possible to scare the spirits coming in search of the living.

If your child is passionate about coloring, we can offer him Halloween coloring pages.

You're a mom! Did you just stay and the kitchen and you do not know what to cook during this period? All the same, these are just some recipes for you.

You want the little ones to enjoy this period or you want to decorate your home in spirit Halloween? Choose a pumpkin or melon with a round surface, a pronounced color, without holes or cuts.

Although light-colored melons / pumpkins are easier to carve, they do not have a long life. Pick up the pumpkin / watermelon and shake it, if it is hard and you hear a sound, it means it's ripe. Let's model a pumpkin together!

For the safety of your child Halloween follow the Halloween guide: every child has a flashlight, no costume should hang on the floor, so that no one stumbles, the child does not have to wear a mask to see where it goes and of course , adults will supervise children.

Halloween It is not just for the children, but sometimes because of the costumes and sweets, it is easy for a mom to lose all the fun.

Find out how we can celebrate Halloween together.

Discover exciting games for little ones: making owls, learning the alphabet or choosing the costume.

B comes from the haunted house, and Halloween can be learned like any other holiday with the help of an inventive project to help children learn letters. It is a very pleasant weekend activity, during which time you can associate Halloween words with the letters of the alphabet.

There is no need to spend a fortune on decorations Halloween. Ask for the help of the child to make them for autumn and Halloween.

A fun game will integrate the little ones in a cheerful Halloween atmosphere. By letting the children choose their costume you will be able to combine the fun with the education.

Due to the fact that this holiday is not specific to our country, over time there have been divided opinions. How did this holiday come about and how has it changed over time you can find out by reading Halloween, pro or cons?

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