The ABC Campaign for Pets continues!

The ABC Campaign for Pets continues!

The program "ABC of pets", started in November last year, continues in 2013 in schools in sectors 2 and 3 in Bucharest. Over 1500 students from 15 schools participated in the educational program developed by the Association of Pet Food Producers (ARPAC), in partnership with the General School Inspectorate of Bucharest and the General Association of Veterinary Doctors in Romania.

Pet care, in the sense of second-class little ones

The project "ABC of pets" involves the teaching of interactive lessons by a veterinarian, one hour, in each of the second classes. Teaching hours are relaxed, understood by all and focused on concrete questions about how to choose a pet, as well as how to care for, nurture and love.

4 veterinarians, co-opted by ARPAC, tell the students how observing simple rules will improve the relationship between owner and animal, extending even the length of time the two enjoy each other.

"For an hour, during the open lessons, we teach the students how to take better care of their pet. The little ones have the opportunity to learn new, interesting and useful things about the animals near them and their needs. otherwise, they are very excited about this course, they ask us all kinds of questions, but the most important thing is that they want to become even more responsible. Those who do not yet have a friend to play the game - if they want one in the future - will know everything that involves its care, "said Gratziela Bahaciu, ARPAC Secretary General.