Homeopathic treatments for infertility

Homeopathic treatments for infertility

Homeopathic treatments are natural methods of treating infertility in couples. Homeopathy is used to treat diseases, disorders and imbalances in the body of women and men, creating the favorable environment and health for the conception of a baby.
These remedies are in fact natural substances from plants, minerals and animals. These are processed in several steps in order to obtain the cure. They are not composed of chemicals or toxic substances. Very few of them have traces of these substances and are added for therapeutic purposes only.
The treatments are used for the well-defined purpose of treating various diseases, symptoms or medical conditions that are in the way of your fertility or of your partner. They are valid in the form of granules, pills or liquids.
There are homeopathic remedies for treating male and female infertility. The ones for women are:

  • sepia 6c - used to treat the absence of ovulation or irregularity;
  • sabina 6c - recommended if you suffer from recurrent loss of pregnancy;
  • Aurum - you can recommend it if the specialist in homeopathy thinks that infertility has appeared due to depression and low libido;
  • silica - indicated for strengthening the immune system and improving health;
  • phosphorus - prescribed for the treatment of emotional anxiety and stress that may accompany infertility.

The treatments used to treat men's fertility problems are:

  • sepia 6c - acts as a stimulant to sexual desire;
  • medorinum - helps to treat impotence, one of the most serious diseases that are in the way of conceiving a child in men.

How does homeopathy help restore fertility to the couple?

The causes of infertility are numerous and often exceed the boundaries of biological conditions. Couples do not realize these things and often have the impression that only sexual dysfunctions or diseases of the reproductive tract are guilty of sterility.
Homeopathic remedies for treating infertility have the role of acting on all factors involved in the diagnosis. Their purpose is to:

  • strengthen the immune system and restore good health to the body;
  • cancel the negative effects of long-term contraceptive administration;
  • treat the pathology behind infertility (endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, fibroids, thyroid gland problems, etc.);
  • improve reproductive organs, stimulate ovulation, increase libido and balance hormonal secretion;
  • improve the quality, quantity and morphology of the sperm;
  • regulation of irregular menstrual cycles;
  • suffers from recurrent miscarriages.

Homeopathic remedies should only be taken under the careful guidance of a specialist in homeopathy. They should not be administered by the ear, just as simple natural remedies. Before trying such a method, pay a visit to the homeopathic office, find out more about what these treatments entail, and ask the doctor to prescribe the appropriate remedies for your fertility problems.

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