The nest instinct in pregnancy

The nest instinct in pregnancy

Do you feel an acute need to clean everything around you lately? Do you spend most of your time washing and ironing clothes or sorting them by color? If so, then it is possible to experience the phenomenon generically called "nest instinct".

A very special feeling, the nest instinct is a normal living and a clear sign that you are ready to bring a new life to the world.

What this experience means and how healthy and safe it is for your baby find out the essentials set out below.

What is the nest instinct in pregnancy?

The nest instinct is a woman's need to order, clean and organize everything during pregnancy. It is a symptom of pregnancy that most commonly manifests around the fifth month after conception. Most moms are strongly aware of nest instinct in the last days of pregnancy, being a signal that they are about to enter labor.

What exactly triggers the nest instinct?

Psychologists believe that the need to "nest" is caused by both biological and emotional factors.

Most females in the animal kingdom experience this nuisance: from birds to bears, the creatures have an inner drive to prepare in advance for the chickens to come into the world.

With all the aspects set up before birth, make sure that your baby will have all the conditions of survival.

The nest instinct also has an emotional component, which largely depends on the intense fluctuations of hormones.

Moms are predisposed to excessive cleaning or cooking in industrial quantities.

Social expectations play an important role in the nesting instinct: parents make all kinds of special arrangements in the baby's room or buy clothes and accessories in larger quantities than necessary.

Future mothers are not the only ones

Pregnant women are not the only ones who develop the nesting instinct, but future fathers have similar experiences. Men feel more motivated to look for a better paying job, buy a new car or work intensively in the garden landscape.

It is possible to go through the states of nest instinct and when your little one starts kindergarten or when he grows up and goes to college in another city.

Is your nesting instinct safe?

Mostly, yes. As long as you satisfy certain desires and the process does not exhaust you, feel free to listen to your intrinsic calls.

However, there are some activities you should stay away from when you are pregnant:

  • of painting: many women hardly refrain from taking the roll in their hand to paint the baby's room; leave this work to someone else's account, as certain oil or latex paints contain mercury, a substance that is extremely dangerous to you and your baby; if you do not have one, choose a paint that contains water and make sure you ventilate the area sufficiently and you can wear a protective mask;
  • cleaning the cat tray: Avoid cleaning the sand in the cat tray, because you risk to get toxoplasmosis, a disease caused by a parasite transmitted through the feces of the feline; if the fetus contacts the protozoan, it can be born with vision problems, hearing or even mental disorders;
  • the household with dangerous substances: cleaning products can emit strong harmful odors, so be sure to choose only the ones that are safe for pregnant women; wear protective gloves and make sure the room is well ventilated.

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