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Aptamil. Inspired by breast milk, created by baby nutrition specialists

Aptamil. Inspired by breast milk, created by baby nutrition specialists

In the first years of life, the care for your child is directed to a good development of his immune system, which can be influenced by various factors, such as nutrition, hygiene, sleep schedule.
Breast milk provides the baby with the best start in life. By breastfeeding, you will give her all the love she needs as well as the essential nutrients for healthy growth.

One of the reasons why breastmilk is considered essential in child-rearing is the content of immunologically active substances that will protect the newborn from infections and other diseases. Therefore, breastfeeding is the ideal recipe to lay the foundation for your child's immunity.

Once you are done with breastfeeding, choose Aptamil for your baby.

Aptamil is the world expert in creating milk formulas being developed to be as close to breast milk as possible.

It differs from the other milk formulas by the content of IMMUNOFORTIS PROGRESS, a GOS / FOS complex that has been clinically tested and patented and which, together with vitamins A, C and D, contribute naturally to the development of a healthy immune system.
Aptamil offers protection at all levels and thanks to its unique packaging, Easy Pack, which offers safety and confidence in the correct preparation of baby food.

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