20 changes in your life when you become a mom

20 changes in your life when you become a mom

The changes that occur in your life when you become a mother are multiple. Certainly the list of things that do not change is much shorter than the transformations you go through. Those who are mothers and have gone through them help us identify them. Find out what mom is waiting for you!

1. You finally stop to smell roses, flowers and leaves, just because your baby is in his arms and wants that. Before, there was no time for such a thing. You appreciate the little things and their beauty!

2. The sacrifices you thought you made to have a child no longer seem like sacrifices.

3. You never thought you could be so scared! You have always been strong and you were not afraid of anything. When you become a mother the worries for the safety and health of the child overwhelm you and make you slightly weaker.

4. You respect and appreciate your parents in a new way! One was love or respect for them when you were just their daughter and the other is when you are a mother and you know what it means to be a parent.

5. Finally, you respect your body, which is different from your appreciation for its shape!

6. Do you think again in things you believed only when you were a child - Santa, Rabbit, Santa Nicholas etc. And you do things you did when you were little - you play and you become a child yourself!

7. Find out that the pain of the child is much stronger than yours. The child gives you the strength to overcome some pain that is not comparable to theirs. If before and a mere headache was a tragedy for you, now is nothing.

8. You get emotional faster and easier. It impresses you, you grieve and cry almost everything. Before you were not so sensitive, but the status of mother emanates kindness, sensitivity, love, affection, etc., aspects that you have not exploited so long before.

9. Find out who your really close friends are. You manage to make an analysis of all the people in your life and get away from the ones you had to do for a long time. Now, you see things in a different light, and you want to have only loving, warm and kind people beside you.

10. When you are a mother, every day is a surprise and a gift from God. Every day you discover wonders that the child even shows in your arms.

11. The poop and piss don't seem so repulsive anymore. When you were around other friends' children, it seemed to you that you would never be able to wash and change a baby's poop. Now, every chair is a joy and you sometimes look forward to it when the baby is constipated.

12. Become a morning person. You never liked to wake up in the morning. When the baby was born you were in need. Now, it's a habit and you wake up without a clock and you realize how much you can do in a day if you wake up in the morning.

13. Discover that you have a lot of love and affection to offer. The love you feel and are willing to share is unlimited.

14. You realize how much can be said about a simple toothpick. Or what if you pee. Or about the pacifier and the bottle. You would never have thought that you would read entire pages about sausages, finger sucking, potting etc. Also, you did not think that a candy or lollipop could have such a powerful influence on the child.

15. Only now do you realize that true happiness comes from small things and that money does not bring happiness. No fortune can be compared to the joy that your child's smile brings to your soul. You have never been happier and you have never felt more fulfilled than when your baby took the first steps or said "mother" for the first time.

16. Give up your pleasures for the good and spoil of the child. You were a victim of fashion and you never miss a new appearance. You sacrifice everything to get the latest shoes on the market. Suddenly, these things don't interest you anymore. Now, you always prefer to buy a child a toy or a coat than to take your shoes.

17. It doesn't bother you to go to bed earlier in the evening or to take a nap for a day with your baby. In a way, this is still charging your batteries. And if you did not get used to sleeping the day, now you will do it intensely, because your little one will not often fall asleep without you.

18. Discover new powers and forces in yourself that you didn't think you had. You feel able to cope with anything and you are able to sacrifice everything that is needed for the sake of your little one.

19. Find out how precious the shower is now. If before it was a routine activity, now is a luxury. You can barely find the minutes you need in a day to take a quick shower. But it's worth it!

20. You discover your hidden desires and you start on the idea of ​​changing the world and making it better. Eventually your child grows up in it!

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