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I have two wonderful boys

I have two wonderful boys

Mommy Catherine1985

Mommy Catherine1985
Razvan and Rares children

I am the mother of 2 boys, one of 3 years and one of 1 year. With Razvan, I had an easy task and why I was scared I did not escape. My husband left the village very often and happened to go to work when he was in Bucharest, so I called the taxi and without announcing anyone, I went alone to the hospital where, after about 5 hours, I was born.
When I called my parents to announce that they had a 3700 grams grandson, my mother thought I was cool and they told me I was crazy, that I had to announce them, to be someone next to me.
Time passed, and again Razvan turned 1 year and 3 months. I wanted a child so much, that I became pregnant again. This time it was not so easy.
The husband left the country and for 4 months I only stayed with the boy. I was admitted, because it was about losing my pregnancy because of the high and probably the stress. I said that whatever it is, if God wants the baby to come into the world, he will come, if not, no.
And the months passed, the husband came home and at the same time, the time came to give birth. I was scheduled on May 5th to cause my birth, but I couldn't anymore, I didn't have patience anymore, I just moved.
I had no patience
Razvan needed me and I walked so long that in the evening my contracts took over and in the morning I lost the gelatinous stopper. This happens on Saturday morning, May 1st.
I was admitted, my doctor was not in the village and, being a weekend, there was hardly anyone in the hospital, except for the doctors on duty, who were with their business.
Seeing that I am in hospital and that the baby is not coming, on Sunday morning, May 2nd, I started to walk again: we climbed and climbed stairs, I walked down the corridor of amazed everyone, until my contracts started to be regular. .
An extraordinary midwife
I asked a nurse to call a doctor because I already had pain, I was 3 cm dilated. Then they moved me to the birth hall and from there the time passed very quickly.
This happens at 7:30 pm. The big problem was that all the 3 doctors were in Caesarean section and I didn't have anyone to help me, but God has given me an extraordinary midwife, who did his exemplary job.
He helped me enormously, breaking my water at dilation 8 and when I told him that the baby wants to come, he made me push and I pushed. Rares was born at 21:45, he was so little! It was 3150 grams, it was beautiful and hungry as it sucked its peanuts.
Unique moments
I have plans for happiness! At first birth I did not experience the same emotions and I cannot explain why! We have lived some unique moments, only the one who gives birth to a child can feel that way! I have 2 wonderful boys, they are my soul, at 26 years old I am a fulfilled woman.
I wish for a long time and a little girl, but not right now, maybe over 4-5 years. God-God will send us a sister for my boys, but until then we will be healthy!

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