Physical exercises in multiple tasks

Physical exercises in multiple tasks

Exercises when you have multiple pregnancies should be done with a lot more care than when you were pregnant with a single baby. The risks are more, and precautions take proportions from this point of view, doctors say. Learn how to play sports when you are pregnant or with multiple babies!

Is sport indicated or safe in multiple tasks?

In multiple pregnancy you eat more, you gain more weight, and the symptoms are more pronounced and harder to bear. Therefore, the effort or willingness to move will be greatly diminished. But this does not mean that you have to give up the idea of ​​playing sports when you are pregnant with 2 or more babies.

However, the precautions are multiple!

Doctors advise women who have a single pregnancy not to do more than 30 minutes of sports a day. In some cases doctors even prohibit physical activity in addition to the usual. It is best to talk to the doctor about this subject, because the agreement for physical movement depends on the particularities and health of each pregnant woman. For example, if you were very active before becoming pregnant, then your doctor may allow you to remain active during pregnancy under close supervision.

What physical exercises are you allowed to do when you have a multiple pregnancy?

Once you receive medical advice for sports it is important to take care of what kind of workouts you choose. There should not be too much difference between the activity level before pregnancy and the current one. For example, if you were not a great athlete before, it is not the right time to become one. Try to emphasize the moves you made before. For example, if you were walking a lot or walking before the pregnancy, you could focus on this type of workout.

Weightless workouts such as light or moderate aerobics or exercises for hands and feet are indicated. Also, stationary bicycle or band are indicated, and swimming is preferred by many pregnant women. And it is indicated in multiple loads and very relaxing. Kegel or Yoga exercises are two other workouts that can be performed without any problem, but the latter only under the careful supervision of an instructor.

What exercises should you avoid when you are pregnant with twins, triplets or more babies?

It is important to refrain from doing exercises that involve lying on your back. Also, strength training (weight training) or weight training are totally forbidden. It is good to avoid sauna during pregnancy or hot baths, even if they are tempting.

Signs that indicate that it is the case to give up sports during pregnancy

There are several signals that can alert you that the sport is not for you as you are pregnant and you have to consider:

  • you feel that you have similar contractions or sensations;
  • feel pelvic pressure;
  • vaginal bleeding;
  • headache;
  • chest pains;
  • dyspnoea;
  • swelling of the legs;
  • dizziness etc.

Make sure you keep your doctor up to date on everything you do during your workouts.

When is it appropriate to give up sports during multiple pregnancy?

As long as you feel good and you have no complication that could put your health or pregnancy at risk, it is okay to exercise as much as you feel comfortable. Some doctors encourage pregnant women to opt out of multiple pregnancy sports starting with week 20 (in single pregnancy the recommendation is made around week 28). Obviously, if complications occur and you need a rest in bed until the birth, any activity is interrupted.

Sport is completely forbidden in any type of pregnancy if you suffer from some of the following disorders or complications of pregnancy:

  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • lung disease;
  • cerclage;
  • placenta praevia;
  • risk of preterm birth;
  • chronic hypertension.

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