Child's growth. 7 tips from moms

Child's growth. 7 tips from moms

Whatever advice and advice we get from child-raising experts, none compare to those from moms who have gone through this. Many moms get to say "I'd like to know before ..." when faced with various difficulties in caring for their little one. You will not have to tell yourself this, because now you have the opportunity to know the "hottest" tips from their experience!

Don't be overprotective

The biggest mistake, say the moms, is to protect the child from excess, for fear of missing something or for not having to face X or Y. to strengthen the child's self-esteem, to give him confidence in his own strengths and to help him be mature, responsible and independent. If you do not let him face various problems, situations and choices and you risk the same thing!

Do not overload the child

I know you want to be good, smart, mathematician, computer scientist, he can even play a musical instrument and, why not, play a sport. But painting classes don't sound bad either, and cooking classes have so many benefits that you can't refrain from enrolling.

Draw the line and find that your little one is constantly studying and has no time either for play, for family time, sometimes even for sleep. Let him enjoy his childhood and make him a balanced program! Otherwise, you will exhaust him, predispose to diseases and he will not be interested in one activity more than another, he will not discover his passions, because he is too tired to do it.

He does not impose you on his choices and hobbies

He does not ask for more than he can carry and does not try to make a little Einstein in physics if he is in fact a miniature Jamie Oliver and is passionate about cooking. For nothing you want to become a doctor if he has the skills of a musician and so on. Encourage children's talents and passions and do not try to cultivate your own. In the end, moms claim that they end up giving up their parents' choice and being confused about their own choices.

Do not treat your child as your best friend

It is important to get along well with your little one, to have honest and open communication, but the relationship between you and him must be that between a parent and a child, not between 2 very good friends. Because if so, it means that you started on an equal footing in the relationship between you. And it is not recommended!

You have to be an authority for him and have the last word to say, even if you listen to everything he has to say! Eventually, you will end up having a spoiled child, who challenges you, who only does what he wants and for which the status of parent has long lost its significance.

Don't neglect yourself as a person

Many mothers now face it, when the child has grown up with the regret of not having cared and relaxed as much as he deserved when he was young. They put on the label "mom" and forgot to be women or men. It is not enough for you to regret that you forgot to be a woman, to have friends and an active social life. Being a parent does not mean being even 24 hours a day near the child and for the child. Importance is the quality of time in relation to quantity.

Never compare your child to another

Do not appreciate and evaluate your child from the perspective of the success of another child, whether he is a brother or a play buddy. Also, do not evaluate your own ability to care for a child by comparing it with that of a mother-friend. Moms who have gone through so much regret that they got involved in social comparisons. Each child is unique and grows in its own way! Accept it as it is and stop comparing it, otherwise you will create frustration and diminish self-confidence and self-esteem.

Do not always apply the advice you are given

Sometimes they come without asking, and sometimes they are given by the kindness of a person who sees you as you strive to solve a problem. Do not take any ready-made advice and do not experiment with the child unless you make sure it is safe and useful or helpful. Get informed and analyze well what you hear around you! Otherwise you risk the health and safety of the little one!

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