Names of fashionable children, do we choose them or not?

Names of fashionable children, do we choose them or not?

The names of fashionable children are those of the children of the stars, of the favorite idols or the original ones, unique, with significance. If you don't already know what name you would like for your little one, then the selection criteria can be quite burdensome.

To be popular or fashionable? Be it classic or modern, original? Is it advisable to choose a name just because it is fashionable? When parents try to choose the baby's name they have to choose between 2 major categories:

  • popular elections (classics, holy names, etc.);
  • unusual choices (unique names, invented, fashionable).

Is it advisable to choose a fashionable name for your child?

Regardless of which criterion you choose the name of the child there are both advantages and disadvantages. The current trend revolves around choosing the most pompous, original, but also fashionable names. Frequent from this point of view are the names of children of favorite celebrities, who introduce the trend, the names of idols or favorite movie characters.

Naming your baby after a rising star or favorite idol may sound great and it seemed like a good idea at the time, but they tend to pale very quickly, and your favorite star comes out of the spotlight.

And what do you do if you discover a new idol a few years after giving birth?

Specialists who have analyzed over time the methods and criteria for choosing children's names and their impact on society and culture argue that there are ups and downs when it comes to choosing names in trends.

These have peak periods in which they are widely used, but they tend to pale and disappear from parents' choices as quickly in the periods immediately following ascension.

It seems that the classic, popular names are much more resistant in time than the fashionable, modern ones. They conducted several studies and found that certain names that were considered fashionable disappeared very quickly from the preferences of future parents.

A name is considered out of trend when it was given birth to less than 10% of its highest number in the past. The more a name that was fashionable by its uniqueness becomes more popular or common, the less the preference for it diminishes.

Why not choose a fashionable name?

The first reason is the one evoked and a little higher. Because fashion is changing fast, and that name could easily fall into "outdated" very soon. In addition, the trend of baby names is set outside the borders of our country, closely following what Jennifer Lopez's name gave to the twins or what is the future name of Victoria Beckham's little girl. Choosing names with foreign resonance could bring a disadvantage to the baby born on native lands.

Most of these "fashionable" names are hard to write and pronounced and can put the child at maturity. In addition, the most original, strange and unique names tend to be isolated, and the person who carries them along with them. Children with popular Romanian names, classics integrate better into groups and communities than those with strange and strange names.

A name that sounds dubious raises question marks for a caller and many suspicions about where they came from, their parents, etc. The child must find himself in the name you give him.

Almost all children have problems with their names as they grow up and say at least once that they would like to have another name. But as long as his name is a common, indigenous, common one it is easier to identify with the place, the people and the community and even with himself. It is important to be as easy as possible to write and pronounce because in this way you will not have to repeat several times when you tell someone how to call them.

There is a significant level of stress that arises from this cause and that it is useless to give "free" to children. In addition, an original name, however important and significant he may be, could be derided by the other children. Your little one could be teased on his behalf, which could affect his self-esteem. There are many important things to consider when choosing a baby name! It doesn't just matter that you like it, you have to consider the impact on it further!

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