Cheats for your child's health

Cheats for your child's health

When you face small child health problems, do not panic. Whether it is clogged nose, skin irritation caused by a diaper, sunburn or other problems, there are simple and handy solutions for everyone. Keep up to date with the most effective tricks for your little one's health!

Nose clogged

The best and natural trick to get rid of the nose of children is the saline solution prepared in the house. This is done by dissolving a quarter teaspoon of salt in half a cup of warm water. It drips into the nose with the help of a pipette. Salt water softens the mucus making it easier to remove.

Administration of medicines to infants and young children

Put the baby in a child's chair or ask someone to hold them in their arms, then let them lick some ice cream. Immediately afterwards I put the liquid medicine in his mouth, between the cheek and the gums. This trick works because the ice cushions the baby's mouth and he no longer feels the unpleasant taste of the drug.

Reducing tooth pain in babies

If you don't have baby tooth rings, you can improvise by folding a small towel into a triangle. Then, soak one corner of it in water and place it in the freezer for a few hours. After the wet side freezes, remove it and give it to the baby to chew on. It will relieve the pain caused by the rash.

Soothing insect stings

It puts a little liquid or solid antiperspirant on the sting, especially if it is swollen or irritated. Wait 5 minutes, then reapply a new layer if the itching persists. The aluminum salt in the antiperspirant products helps to reabsorb the swelling and to remove the itching sensation.

Cleaning a cut

When your baby is cut into something, the first thing you need to do is clean the wound with soap and water, dry the area, give it with an antiobiotic ointment, and bandage it immediately with sterile dressing.

Improvement of diaper irritations in babies

Instead of cleaning the baby's ass with wet towels, as many parents do, keep the baby above the sink and wash it with a little warm water over the inflamed area. Then gently dry the area with a soft towel by tamping. Exposure to chemicals and substances in wet napkins will exacerbate irritation.

Removing chips, splinters and leather straps

If your little one has a chop in the handle or rose stems, then you should see if it is on the surface of the skin or has completely penetrated the epidermis. If it is on the surface, then it grips the child's handle in a palm and with the help of a tweezers, extracts the chip. If this has completely penetrated the skin you should go to the doctor. Do not try to make an incision at home to remove the chop or chop because you risk causing the area to become infected.

Improvement of urticaria

Wear gloves when trying to clean the baby. Use water and dishwashing detergent and wash the netted area well. Rinse with clean water, then dry gently with a clean towel. In case of a rash on the skin apply a damp, cold towel in the area.

It will relieve itching and itching symptoms or tingling. You may be wondering why dishwasher is used. It is composed of special substances that manage to wash the oils of the plant that remain on the skin after contact with the plant and prevent their absorption into the skin and worsen the symptoms.

Soothing sunburn

If the baby's skin has been sunburned, it is advisable to put the baby in the tub full of cold water for 10 or 15 minutes. Then, gently dry it with a soft towel and apply a lotion that does not contain perfume on the skin to calm inflammation and moisturize the skin.

And cold water will help relieve symptoms and reduce the pain caused by burning. Avoid sprays for burns, as some may irritate the skin. If the baby feels very bad, you can give them ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

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