The benefits of twin pregnancy for mothers

The benefits of twin pregnancy for mothers

Twin pregnancy is a story that brings joy, but also concern in the lives of couples. Besides the fact that you will have two beautiful children in one "shot", yet your health concerns and yours will start to appear gradually.

Suddenly you realize several disadvantages of multiple pregnancy and you are sad. Look at the good side of things and remember the benefits that such a task has for you.

Twin mothers are more durable

It seems that twin pregnancy is associated with increased life expectancy in mothers, say specialists. And no, not because they have to cope with raising and caring for 2 children at the same time, but because women who are pregnant with twins are stronger and stronger, so healthier. Doctors refer to those who become pregnant with twins naturally, not following in vitro fertilization treatments.

Twin mothers are more fertile

The moms who make twins have a greater reproductive capacity and in the longer term, say the specialists. They are more fertile than other women and they face easier tasks in the future. So, if after you give birth to twins you still want babies, it won't take you long to conceive. It recovers faster after birth.

This effect is due to the fact that specialists believe that only women who are healthy and strong at birth naturally have twins. Thus, they are more "endowed" with strength and vigor, which helps them recover faster and easier after birth.

Both children are growing up at the same time

This way, you no longer have to deal with other baby problems (regurgitation, changing diapers, crying, sleepless nights, etc.) as soon as you get rid of them because you want another baby and you have to prepare to take it. from the end with everything that involves a baby. It is true that you have double stress, double fatigue and worries when you have twins, but when the children grow up, you get rid of many of them.

An unmatched satisfaction for parents

Twin pregnancy was associated with a maximum level of parent satisfaction. Although there are a lot of risks, and some pregnancy symptoms get worse when you have twins, the satisfaction of having 2 baby babies at one time is maximum and unmatched

The level of fraternal rivalry in children decreases

Fraternal rivalry is a problem you often face when you have multiple children, be they twins or of different ages. From a certain age jealousy and aggressiveness speak their word and give birth to small scandals between brothers. It seems that the relationship between twin brothers (especially identical twins) is more solid, unique and unmatched and they are closer and connected than any other brother with different ages. The specialists argue that the rivalry is smaller between the twin brothers, probably because they are of the same age and grow together.

You benefit from the double dose of joy

Think about your efforts in pregnancy and their growth will be rewarded with double doses of joy when your little ones take the first steps, say for the first time "mother" in duplicate and bring you good grades from school or through their achievements. We do not say how to raise your heart when you receive double amounts of puppets, declarations of love and congratulations or gifts from children who love you so much.

Increase the benefits and benefits that a task generally gives you

Any task presents risks and benefits. A twin pregnancy is a very risky and exhausting one. But do not forget that there are benefits that multiply and are associated with pregnancy in general. stimulates self-confidence; reduces the risk of cancer; task shine; bigger breasts; your senses intensify etc.

You're more spoiled than ever

Any pregnancy is spoiled in 9 months, but if you are pregnant with twins, the attention and care of those around you will double. You will feel their love and affection more than ever, which will help you to overcome the less pleasant moments caused by pregnancy symptoms.

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