Romanticism in couples when trying to conceive a baby

Romanticism in couples when trying to conceive a baby

Romanticism in a couple seems to gradually fade away when efforts to conceive a child are not rewarded as easily as in other parents. Designing a baby is not always such a simple process. Some couples go through stressful and frustrating experiences before fulfilling their dream, which can endanger their relationship. One of the ingredients that lead to the conception of a baby is the relaxation of the couple in the conception process. But if multiple attempts to have the long-awaited baby fail, tension and stress begin to shake their heads in the body and determine states of indisposition, fatigue, and irritability that could instill cooling and indifference in the couple's relationship.

How do you maintain passion in a couple's relationship when trying to conceive a baby?

Change the optics and vision of the couple when trying to make a baby!

Try to see your bodies and beings on something more than baby machines! After a time of unsuccessful attempts, multiple tests and tests - both you and your partner - in vitro fertilization techniques, but also clinics you get to see yourself having sex only at key moments, in the positions indicated and with the thermometers after you for measure the basal temperature and so on. Try to change the optics and not see your partner just as a sperm donor and yourself as a "deposit" of sperm and fertility medicines for baby's conception. Rediscover the pleasure of touching your bodies, the flame of passion, your favorite sexual position and set aside the sperm hunt for conception. With the installation of relaxation and the release of endorphins and serotonin from the brain associated with pleasure, your efforts will be rewarded.

Communicate without reservation!

Talk without a curtain when it comes to your privacy and even the concerns that underlie multiple attempts to make a child. You do not have to be careful not to upset the other. Only open communication and mutual understanding can help you overcome the hardest trials your couple will be subjected to.

Don't blame each other!

Pay attention to what you say to your nerves and what temptation you give to couple discussions when you are experiencing nerves and stress of conception. It is possible to get rid of your nerves "It's only your fault that we can't have children!" Once escaped, it can hardly be forgiven! Master your nervous exits and avoid mutual accusations. All I do is remove you further!

Find new methods and ways of intimacy!

Not only is sex an intimate moment. Touching, handling, massage, sex games or small spices in bed can revive the closeness between you. You can rediscover the pleasure of having sex among the many drugs, injections, thermometers and doctors that have invaded your privacy. Try to be spontaneous, find interesting places to have sex, rediscover the sexual habits that pleased you at the beginning of the relationship, etc.

Have a date and surprise yourself, no matter how small!

Recreate adolescent scenarios in which you invite to the confectionery, give yourself flowers and chocolate candies, go to the movie, in the amusement park, by bicycle, the reels or other activities that will bring back the smile on your lips and the joy of being with each other. . Try to forget about doctors, tests, treatments and even the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčconceiving a child! Sometimes, when you do not strive so much, everything seems to come out easier!

Smile more!

Smile attracts smiles! Despite fatigue, stress, maybe even sadness, go for the smiles and find joy in any activity you undertake together. Spend as much time together, get out of the house, join social events and enjoy special moments in two.