Games and activities for developing attention in children

Games and activities for developing attention in children

Children's attention is not very well developed in the first years of life. They do not show too much patience and cannot concentrate too much on one activity. They are easily distracted by any other activity around them. Attention should be exercised and helped by parents through games and activities for this purpose.

Here are some activities or games that exercise children's attention and develop it!


The puzzle is one of the most effective games or activities for improving and exercising attention in children. You can start encouraging the child to do puzzles starting at the age of 16 or 19 months. At this age you must choose puzzles with small and very large pieces in size.

He will need your help, but with much exercise he will be able to do them on his own. As the child grows, he encourages the child to solve puzzles with more pieces and with a greater degree of complexity. Make a routine out of the kids puzzle game!

Jopportunities to identify / search for objects

The games that develop the child's attention also have the role of encouraging the ability to remember or concentrate the children. You can opt for several types of toys:

- there are games to buy that contain several cards with animals (in pairs);

- you can show them to the child, you can separate them - you will take one gram and he will weigh the other - then, you can show them one animal for a few seconds and you can then find the pair in his package of illustrations;

- you can also mix them all and have the child form as many pairs in a predetermined time;

- another game idea in which you put your patience and attention to the test is the one where you hide an object in the house and then you look for it, guiding it with the options of "hot" or "cold";

- it is possible to try to give up after only a few minutes, but always encourage him to continue until the objective of the game is achieved, and his attention will not be distracted by anything else and he will complete the game;

- take a few pictures with different drawings or pictures (to be clear, simple, without neighboring elements in the same painting);

- the smaller the children, the less the floor (3-5);

- show them in a certain order by pronouncing the name of the animal or drawing in the image (eg horse, cat, square, table, chair, etc.);

= then have him repeat them in the order you showed them; this game entails both the visual memory and the attention of the little one.

Listening games

The hearing is closely related to concentration and attention. Children hardly concentrate for a long time on what they are listening to, be it a story or a request you are addressing. Their attention is also distracted by the smallest noises, objects or images passing through them.

Have the child listen to a short story or text you read and then challenge him to different things: to tell the main characters, to tell you how many times you have spoken a word, what color was the princess's dress, etc.

Creative games (crafts, greeting cards, decorations)

They are excellent for children 3 years old, but older than that and besides the fact that they put their imagination and creativity to the contribution, it also improves their attention. Handmade decorations or crafts with various occasions put patience on the stumps, but the enthusiasm of creating a happy greeting for their mom's day or for her beloved grandmother could help her exercise her attention. Be with him and encourage him!

The read

Reading is the best way to improve the attention of children, especially babies. When you read them, you introduce them to a story in which they must remain alert to find out what is going on until the end.

Caring for a pet

Specialists argue that children over 5 years can be helped to improve their ability to concentrate and focus through activities that offer them some degree of responsibility. One of these is taking care of a pet.

For them, taking care of an animal is the same thing as taking care of a child by adults. Requires patience, attention, responsibility, etc. Be patient with him and teach him how to take care of him. Let him choose an animal he wants, but that will be suitable for his age.

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