Baby whistling, natural treatments and baby remedies

Baby whistling, natural treatments and baby remedies

Baby whistling is one of the most natural reactions and is not a cause for concern for parents. Often, this occurs after the baby is eating, but it can still be felt from the mother's tummy. You can apply some herbal remedies or herbal treatments to help the child stop sucking.

The whistle occurs when the diaphragm (the muscle that helps the breath) contracts tightly. Babies suck more often than adults, but specialists aren't quite sure what the cause is. It is most likely that the immaturity of the internal organs is the basis of its appearance.

Help him regurgitate after every meal

It seems that regurgitation is the most effective prophylactic method of sucking on babies. They cannot regurgitate on their own, which is why they need to be held on the shoulder and lightly beat on the back to remove the swallowed air with milk.

Give your child a few drops of water!

Sometimes, if the baby takes a few swallows, you will notice how the sucking stops. Drinking water - as a remedy against sucking - is one of the most popular cures.

"In order not to suck I gave her some boiled and chilled water, but not tap water, but flat water," says Felicita, a mum from the Community.

Put some sugar on your tongue!

Sugar is another natural remedy that helps to stop the baby cough. It seems that if you put only a little sugar on the tongue of the little one, it has a guaranteed effect. It does not act directly on the suction cup, but it seems to distract the child from it to the sweet taste of the sugar and helps to stop uncontrolled contracting of the diaphragm.

Give her a drop of lemon in the mouth cornerLinden!

It is not for the babies' pleasure, it is even cramped and the tongue is removed, but it seems to be one of the classic natural treatments. It is also confirmed by the moms in the community:

"Edi sucked very much when she was in her tummy, but also after she was born. I used the classical method, when she did not pass the suck after 10 minutes, I gave her a drop of lemon on the corner of her mouth, crouched, sobbed. and the whistle passed "- Gabitzza

"The lemon drop is efficient but after a while it does not have its effect. It is true that the cessation stopped immediately, the doctor told me not to worry and to let him pass by himself, now only sucked since When children are small, they often suck, I don't know why, but I know it's not a cause for concern too. If you don't stop with a little chubby and think you suck too much, give it a drop of lemon and it stops ... there is a risk of causing acidity ... we had no problems ... but I know there is this risk "- Tutui

"And Ana suckers a lot. Sometimes I leave her until she passes, another time so much suckers and she can't sleep, because she takes it immediately after the pope and gets angry. Then I give her a drop - two lemon and she passes. it is that he likes it very much, I see it as a helmet gurita as if he wants more "- Miha_Gabrian

Try to breastfeed when you suck or give her the bottle!

Also in the idea of ​​drinking something, you can put the baby to the breast. Moms recommend this method and say it is effective: "I give her breasts when she sucks and she has passed them every time," says Stan_Alina_D, a member of the community.

If you use the bottle, then make sure the nipple is suitable for the baby's age. If it is too large, then the air will penetrate and cause chain reactions.

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