How and when do you notify the child that you are pregnant?

How and when do you notify the child that you are pregnant?

When you are pregnant and you already have a baby, it is important to notify him of the new brother's arrival during pregnancy. Do not wait for the baby to be born until you can tell the child that the family is multiplying!

At what stage of pregnancy is it advisable to notify the child that you are pregnant?

Most specialists advise you to wait until the first trimester of pregnancy or until the danger passes if you have a high risk pregnancy. Usually, when you are 3 months pregnant, the risk of miscarriage or loss of pregnancy decreases considerably. However, you will experience all sorts of symptoms and signs of pregnancy that are not just pleasant that the child can sense and ask about them.

If you are nauseous, tired or unwell tell the child that you are a little bad. Never attribute (even after you tell her the pregnancy) the bad symptoms of this period, because the baby will think that the baby in the tummy is at fault because the mommy feels bad and might hate it before it is born.

It is best to wait until the tummy starts to see until you tell the baby that he has a brother. That way, you won't need to start the discussion out of the blue, because he'll probably ask you why you have such a big tummy. It is a very good start of a discussion about the baby that will come to the world at the end of 9 months.

It is also advisable to notify the child at about the same time as you announce them all or even after making the general announcement. The little one could spread the news with the speed of light and would ruin your plan to personally announce that you are pregnant again. But do not wait too long after you announce the others, because they will be eager to congratulate you and give you naked in front of the child. He might be confused about this news if he doesn't know what's going on.

How do you tell your child that you are pregnant?

When you decide to approach the subject with your little one, choose a suitable time. The child must be relaxed, nourished, rested and in a good emotional and psychological condition. Also, the discussion does not start when the child is going through certain changes: he has just started to go to kindergarten, change school or just moved.

Look for a time when the child has time after discussion to process the information and meditate on it. Before going to bed, going to kindergarten or to the doctor it is not advisable to approach the subject.

Find out before you talk to him

Read books or articles about children's reactions to the news of a brother's coming to the world to be prepared to face them and to know how to approach them. Or, you can simply talk to friends who have gone through a similar situation and find valuable information about this discussion you should have with your little one.

Children love to hear stories and happenings about when their parents were children. You can use this and tell them about how you felt when your brother was born. It emphasizes all the positive sides of this happening, but does not exaggerate. Not all are good and beautiful when you know someone might steal your parents' love.

Be realistic

Tell him that when you first found out, you weren't quite sure it was a good idea and he wasn't happy at first, but then you enjoyed having someone to talk to, play with and play with. you are based on need. Keeps a simple language, positive and oriented to the topic of discussion. Do not digress too much and do not mislead him.

He starts by telling her clearly "At this point, a baby is growing in your mother's womb. And in the fall you will have a brother or a sister." Do not talk about how many months you have a pregnancy or how many months you will give birth, because children have not developed well the notion of time, it is an abstract concept for them. Rather, it associates the time of birth with a season or a holiday. Probably more questions will follow from here. Be prepared to answer questions about how children are made, how they are born and such problems.

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