How do you learn the baby on weekdays?

How do you learn the baby on weekdays?

The days of the week are some of the things that every child should learn at some point. There comes a time, at preschool age, when learning numbers or alphabet becomes a flower in your ear for your little one and is already apt to learn increasingly complex and even abstract things. Teach him how many days a week has and the name of each day in a fun and fun way!

Talk to him about the week and her days!

It is important that before you move on to the practical ways of learning the days of the week you should talk to them and pronounce them to get acquainted with them. You can also tell them that they are in a certain order, that they are in number 7 and that they are always repeated. Do not insist too much and do not give too much new information because it will not keep everything you say. Focus on the names of the days and their order. It is essential to use language as much as possible for the child, which should not be complicated and not mislead. If you are not sure, look for the books and find out how to address a child of his age.

Have him write it down or do it with him!

If your little one knows how to write, then teach him to write in order all the days of a week. You don't have to do this in one day. With small children you have to be patient - first you learn to write 2 days, then 3 and only in another session the other 2. Do not forget to pronounce them while you write them and have them repeat after completion. notaries of each. This way, you will be able to more easily associate the form of the word with the sound. After you have finished writing all the days, repeat them verbally, from head to tail.

Make a calendar of events together for a week!

It is important that your baby always has within his visual range every day of the week written. So, make a big calendar together that you write as the title "Days of the week" and together, using colors or letters from the paper, write each day in order, one after another. Paste the calendar into the child's room and have it repeated from time to time.

Mark a special event every day of the week!

It is important to find a suitable method for him to retain them more easily, but also to be able to learn them in the right order. It is not easy to teach him to retain them properly. But if on the calendar you made together write down or put together a drawing with each one of the major events of each day of the week, the little one will learn to list them more easily. For example: Around Monday - if the kid has a soccer training - stick a soccer ball. On Tuesday - if he has a play date with other children, stick or have him draw a few children. By Wednesday - if he visits his grandmother weekly that day, you can have him draw or paste a picture with his grandparents. And so on, until the week ends. It is important to challenge him and tell you what event or activity on a certain day he finds most important to him and to that and also stick or draw, because that is the one that holds him best and on who will identify it with that day. Try to note only events that are stable and do not change periodically, because otherwise you are confused.

Use your poems and songs!

Songs and poems are the ones that children understand best and have the greatest impact on them when you want to learn something. Look for children's books that have poems from the days of the week or educational CDs that contain the songs to help the child learn easier this week. Also, after the child learns how many days a week, you can buy various toys that contain them or you can tell them easy guesses to identify the days correctly and you can also put a prize for each correct answer. Be persistent and patient with your little one to help him learn the days of the week. It is important not to get angry when you do not hold them, to repeat them constantly and, eventually, to introduce them in regular discussions so that it will retain them faster.

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