After birth! Care tips tested by moms

After birth! Care tips tested by moms

Postpartum care is a long process and is part of the postpartum body recovery. Most moms spend their time caring for their baby and forget to take care of their own image and health.

Here are some tips from moms who have gone through this!

After birth, you go through an intense period of change, in which the body tries hard to regain its pre-pregnancy shape. But this passage is not easy and has a lot of side effects, some not very pleasant, both physically and mentally. Postpartum care is essential.

Always stay clean!

It is important to always be washed and clean, especially as you come in contact with the newborn, which is extremely sensitive to germs. The most difficult thing is to wash and clean the genital area when you give birth by Caesarean section or do an episiotomy.

Moms claim that, as such, it is useful to wipe yourself in the first days with a bath sponge that you soak in the water and use intimate and disinfectant towels for areas such as the axes or the intimate one. If you have been in the hospital for a longer period you can go directly to the showers when you get home. The period of hospitalization is sufficient for the pause for washing with water. Make sure that the water is not hot and you can easily clean it in sensitive or affected areas at birth.

Eat healthy and balanced!

Many moms who go through pregnancy and birth argue that a healthy diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables is essential for both the health of the mother and the energy needed to care for a newborn. Moms recommend at least 5 fresh fruits and vegetables a day, whole grain products, dairy products, eggs, fish, lean meat, etc.

Don't interfere with your skin or skin!

Immediately after birth, your skin may still look pregnant. There may be blemishes or acne or very oily skin. Experienced moms claim that it is not advisable to apply alifes or ointments with various chemicals in them or to take medicines for these conditions, especially if you are breastfeeding.

One of the mothers claims that, in ignorance of the cause, they applied all sorts of ointments on the face (which also included medicines) and affected the breast milk, the substances reaching the baby. It does not make the same mistake, especially as many of the skin conditions in pregnancy disappear by themselves, with little patience.

Get enough rest!

Not only does it help the body recover, but it also gives you the energy needed to care for the newborn. You will probably say that you do not have time to rest, but those who have gone through this know. If you do not, you will flinch and be forced, but in the hospital. In addition, lack of rest leads to weakening of the immune system and predisposes you to diseases.

Moms advise you to accept all the sources of help that are offered to you to have some time for yourself. They also claim that they stole some minutes or hours of sleep while sleeping and the baby, that they left the baby and in the care of grandparents and other such tricks to put you on your feet after birth.

Make proper intimate hygiene!

In order to avoid infections, but also to always feel clean and invigorated, it is essential to observe daily hygiene after birth. This includes daily showers, seating baths, underwear made of natural materials and as light or absorbent (for postpartum bleeding) as often changed.

I move daily!

It is important to maintain a high level of physical activity. This helps you to recover after birth, but also to maintain the best physical and mental tone. In addition, each woman wants to give as quickly as possible the remaining kilograms and the sport is the most suitable "treatment" along with a balanced diet.

If you do not have time for workouts or the gym, you can opt, as do other moms, for long walks with the baby in the park (you can even jog or roll with the push cart).

Try to have an active social life!

Don't isolate yourself in the house just with the baby and the daddy. It is unhealthy and brings you to the brink of depression. Many moms claim that they have managed to overcome weight and fatigue with the help of friends, out of town, minivans and other moments away from the baby.

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