6 reasons why you eat too much

6 reasons why you eat too much

Causes of excessive food consumption. Excessive food intake leads to higher caloric intake than the body needs to function. Everything that is extra turns into fat and from here comes the nightmare of extra kilos. If you have probably wondered why you eat so much, because often you are not hungry, find out some unexplained causes of this habit harmful to the figure!

1. Smell, sounds, commercials. Overeating is most often triggered by enticing smells. Even if you are not hungry or it is not time for a meal, a smell of fried potatoes or pizza will trigger a feeling of hunger in your brain and your appetite and need to eat will appear. The same thing applies to various sounds like popcorn jumping, handling various tools in the kitchen for cooking, etc.

Advertisements are another culprit still "alive" of overeating. You can quietly watch TV, just eat and when you see that delicious advertisement for pasta or chocolate, you can not refrain from wanting it too. Pay attention to the locations you frequent! The food is influenced by the places where we are. If you want to drink coffee with a friend, go to a cafe and not a restaurant, because you will be tempted to eat.

2. The food that surrounds you anywhere, anytime If you have food on the desk, on the kitchen table, in the dining room, in the meeting room or in excess of goodies in the fridge, then the temptation is too great not to put a mouth on them. As long as you have a cookie, a chocolate or a cake in the visual area, you will not leave until you have the whole pope.

3. Eating as a form of fun or habit For example, if you watch a movie with friends or even alone, it does not "go in" as well without popcorn, juice, beer or seeds or chips, it is not so? At other times even a pizza is welcome when you watch a feature film. And when you go to the movies, the same thing happens. Even when you're just watching TV and watching, you can't sit without something in your mouth so you can sit down with you on some couch, some basic food. Even when you are at the computer or you are in a meeting or meeting, you tend to talk a bit, because you are so used to it.

4. Emotional Eating Food is often used as a surrogate for a psychological treatment of depression or stressed emotional state. You can eat on a nervous basis, when you are stressed or in a depression. In these cases it is advisable to go to seek help from the specialist or those close to you to overcome the problem and not use food as a therapeutic method.

5. Portions too large. It's a known thing already: how much you put into the plate, so much you eat, without exception! So it is not that if you put less, you will not be saturated. On the contrary, the more you get used to making smaller portions, the more your brain will send the "command" to install the feeling of satiety faster.

6. Semi-prepared foods and junk-food. Fast food, ready-made or that do not require many steps and effort for cooking are the most tempting for the man of the modern age who is in a continuous struggle with time. This category includes breads, cakes, fast food - in general, junk food. Remember that foods that are prepared quickly are salads, chopped vegetables (with many spices and lemon), fish in the oven or on the grill, yogurts, etc. Try to eat more such products, especially since the season of fresh and varied vegetables has come.

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