Birth order and personality of children

Birth order and personality of children

The order of birth of the children puts their mark on their personality. Unconsciously, parents raise and educate otherwise the first born relative to the following siblings.

The way we raise our child shapes his behavior and strengthens his personality, also influenced by the birth order.

First born (big brother)

The first born is the dominant personality, he is the leader among the brothers. It will also be the result of a "parenting" experiment. They raise for the first time a child and the way they take care of him is a mix between instinct and the "as in the book" method. The big brother tends to be both in childhood and in adulthood: conscientious; structured; cautious; trustworthy; control; successful.

The first born of the family is diligent and wants to get the best and the best out of a certain situation. He does not like to leave things unfinished and always strives for success. He excels in gaining the sympathy of the oldest, whether they are grandparents or others around him.

He prefers the company of adults or children much younger than he does to children of his age. Around the younger brothers he acts like a big brother, dominating. On the one hand, he tries to protect and show their affection, and on the other, he takes the toy from under his nose, pushes it, etc.

2nd born (middle brother)

The second or middle child between siblings is the one who often feels excluded. He is neither the younger and spoiled brother nor the big and domineering one. Specialists observed a pattern among families with 3 children of different ages. Parents pay more attention, affection, even punishment to the older child and the older sibling (extremes) while the average child is slightly more neglected.

Generally, the middle brothers have the following characteristics: sociable; peacemakers (pacifist spirits); always kind; slightly rebellious; always rely on friends. It is interesting that the personality and the way he is treated and educated in the family, also depends on the gender of the child.

For example, if the first born is a boy and the second is a girl, then the latter will have the same personality traits as the first born because he is the first child born into a female family. Thus, it will take over the characteristics of the first born.

Last born (the baby)

The last born are also the most spoiled and in the center of the parents' attention. They take advantage of every sign of pampering that is offered to them thus consolidating a slightly rebellious and manipulative personality. Younger people tend to be freer spirits. The newborns tend to have the following characteristics: to be loving; simple, unpretentious nature; manipulators; in permanent need of attention; narcissists.

They are the ones who receive the most attention, "because they are smaller", but who are raised by parents and from lessons learned from past experiences. They will try not to repeat the same mistakes and make him one of the best raised children. But they do not always succeed.

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