The father of the boy and the mother of the boy, establishing stable and lasting relationships

The father of the boy and the mother of the boy, establishing stable and lasting relationships

Being a girl's father or mother is a challenge, but also a pride. Often, moms want their boy, and dads want girls. But when the dream is fulfilled, difficulties and problems arise regarding the consolidation of a stable relationship between the parent and the child of the opposite sex.

How do you outline a lasting and stable relationship?

Strengthening the father-daughter relationship

Dads play an essential role in the lives of little girls. Specialists claim that some of the most emotional and striking moments of a girl's childhood are those spent with her father. However, dads do not feel very comfortable around their daughter and sometimes they fail to communicate effectively with them, having more confidence in the same-sex parent. Here's how to establish a solid relationship with your daughter:

Get involved in her life since birth!

It is important for the father to play an active role in the care of the little girl when she is a baby. As there is a unique attachment between the mother and the baby, the same is true for the baby and the daddy, except that the dads have to put in more effort and be actively involved.

I always teach her new things!

It is important to learn how to ride a bicycle, reel or do some homework, but what would get you closer to it is learning some man skills - fishing, home repairs, etc.

Listen to her always!

He never tells her that you don't have time for her when she wants to tell you something; it is important to gain her confidence and show her that you are always with her; only then, your little one will call for your help and advice and you will have a solid and lasting relationship. Tell her how beautiful she is! You must not exaggerate and tell her that she is the most beautiful in the world. The role of this statement is to help her feel good in her skin, as she is. Thus, you strengthen a strong self-esteem and self-confidence. It is important to emphasize the inner beauty and its importance and less the physical aspect.

Have fun together!

Get involved in fun activities with your little girl - from games, sports, leisure, etc. have fun and relaxing moments together. Be exemplary! Be an example of a "man" for her! Show her how a man should behave by behaving remarkably with the women in your life, with the people around you and in the relationship with other children; In this way, you help her to have a "model" of a man when she reaches maturity and to report the behavior of men in her life to her childhood model: Dad.

Strengthening the mother-son relationship

The mother's boy remains one of the most sensitive topics in a mother's life. The pride of any mother is the wonderful son she raises and who dedicates all the time, the treasure of her life. The most delicate moment of the relationship between mother and son is that in the life of her child, a friend or girlfriend appears. To maintain a beautiful and constructive relationship with your boy, you must follow some essential rules and tricks.

Communicate with him all the time!

Communication is the key to any relationship between children, but you must pay special attention when you have a child of the opposite sex. Always find time to talk to him and always listen to him when he has something to say to you, without criticizing him, but guiding him towards his own choices.

Earn her trust!

In order to strengthen the relationship between the mother and the boy, trust is essential. You have to earn her trust, to know what confidentiality means when she asks for it. Only in this way will your child confess problems, secrets and situations.

Be a female example in his life!

Not only will it help you how other women or girls in your life will perceive you, but it will also teach you what it means to respect a woman and how to care for her. Respect your child, show him that you care for him and behave with your life partner as you would like other women to behave with him, because he will choose his friends and girlfriends according to his mother's pattern.

Show her affection and love every day!

Nothing makes a boy or a child happier than the sweet and gentle words of the mother when she tells him how much she loves him and how much he is appreciated for everything. Show him every day proof of love! Teach him to distinguish between good and bad! It is important to learn it from a young age, which is the difference between good and bad, in order to help him mature and in his current behaviors. Get involved in "boys" games! Get actively involved in his methods of having fun. Play with cars, trains and robots, but do not forget to instill the love of books, sports activities, etc.

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