With the baby on the ride. How do you carry your baby?

With the baby on the ride. How do you carry your baby?

Babies need to be exposed to the air from time to time, even if it is cold or hot. The air is good for the little ones and most of the time it turns out to be the best "sleeping pill" or "soothing" for them when they cry or do not want to sleep. Your stroller, wrap, sling or trolley are at your disposal. Is one more suitable than the other?

In arms

When you go out with a baby, you could do it with your arms, especially if you're a newborn. But there is the disadvantage that your hands may ache or you cannot have them free so that you can act on the child if he or she spits something for other actions that you want to take.

You depend on a second adult next to you to help you. It is not a very convenient method. But if you go out for only a few minutes and the ride does not extend, you can opt for it.


The stroller is the most used "means of transport" for children and most convenient for babies. He is calm and well, you can use it from birth and he supports even more weight. It gives you freedom of hands and action, toys and methods to entertain the child, but it also has drawbacks. It is difficult to transport, especially if you are upstairs and go out alone, it prevents you from entering small shops with it, because of its size.

But the stroller has its advantages if the purpose of going outside is just the ride and so on. In addition, you can go quietly on the reels or even run in the parks pushing the stroller. If there are other stops and things to do, and the walk is in the background, then it is good to use other means of walking the little one.

Baby carrier or carrier

In the baby carrier or carrier, the baby is in a horizontal position. It is like a baby basket in which they are carried by their parents like a bag. It is provided with ergonomic handles and is quite easy. The position of the baby is the same as that of the stroller, which is why it is preferred by parents. But when it comes to the convenience of parents, it is no longer so laudable.

Keeps a busy hand at all times. Also, pain or tension may occur in the hand with which you hold it. It is ideal for short and fast walks or through the park with frequent stops, but if you have other purchases to do, then you will not have too much freedom in handling money, bags and other things.

Wrap and sling

Wrap and sling are about the same thing. Both are made of strips of material in which babies are carried. They can be adjustable or fixed. It can be used from birth to the age of 3-4 years of the child. There are a lot of benefits for babies: besides the physical contact with the mother, so necessary in its calming and development, it helps to reduce colic, to the physical and mental development and many more.

Neither parent is exempt from benefits. It seems that sling or wrap is some of the most advantageous means of walking, when parents are in a hurry or have other activities to do. It offers complete freedom to the hands, so you can pay bills, shop, carry bags and other things you need.

Handle or in the harness

As the baby grows and takes the first steps, you can encourage him to develop his gait better with the help of the walking harness. Or, if you do not have this accessory, simply holding it and helping it take as many steps as possible. The harness can give you some freedom of mainilo, but keeping the sleeves or one alone is not much.

In addition, when you are with the baby in the handle or in the harness, the whole attention should be on him to avoid dangerous falls and hits. Use these methods only if you have time to dedicate to him while you are out or go to children's playgrounds and let him play in the sand, etc.

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