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Sports for beginners

Sports for beginners

You are a mom, you have a few extra pounds or you just want to lose your body after a long winter and you do not know where to start! If you have not been in the clinch or sleeve so far with physical movement and sports, then you should follow the sports guide for beginners.

The decision to play sports, the first step towards success

The simple fact that you have decided and you are determined to take measures against the extra kilos, but to "train" your health and mind, is the first step towards success.

Go to the doctor before starting any other training!

Have a health assessment before you sign up for a more demanding workout. There are conditions that do not allow for certain levels of effort and it is advisable to have the doctor's consent before going on to test various sports. You are a mother, you have many responsibilities and it is not advisable to endanger your health. Also, he can tell you based on tests which is your muscle mass, body mass index, body fat percentage and how "fit" you are or how capable your body is to endure physical effort. It will help you set your goals clearly and be as realistic as possible.

Be familiar with common terms used in fitness or sports

They will help you better understand what role certain trainings play, why they are good and what I suppose:

  • cardiovascular / aerobic activity - this category includes cycling, walking, swimming, dancing and exercises that are intense enough to temporarily accelerate heart rate and breathing;
  • stretching - improves the level of movement and flexibility of the joints; they are often confused with "warming up" before a workout, but they have no connection;
  • resistance training, with weight and strength training - are also known as general fitness and have the role of strengthening and working each muscle group of the body; they are usually made on devices;
  • warming - preparing the body for the physical stress it is subjected to during exercise; it can be heated by aerobic movements - they increase blood flow, warm muscles and joints.
  • Start with easy movements and workouts

    If you are a sedentary or very active person, it is not advisable to throw yourself first for cardiovascular or fitness training. It is not good for the body either and it will seem a few times heavier than they are in reality, which will make you give up easily. It starts with increasing the minutes of movement and the daily effort through:

  • longer and more alert walks;
  • gardener's;
  • dance (as it encompasses) - is great for a well-being;
  • riding the bike;
  • walking with rollers etc. It is important to choose an activity that you like and to perform at least 30 minutes as many days a week, if not daily.
  • Types of workouts for beginners at the gym

    After the body gets used to walking and dancing you can take a step forward and move on to another type of workout:

  • cardiovascular (aerobic);
  • of resistance (with weights);
  • stretching (3-7 times a week, each stretch should last 10-30 seconds).
  • Home appliances for beginners

    If you can't go to the gym, it doesn't mean you have to give up the idea of ​​playing sports. First of all you can opt for home workouts based on abdomens, genuflections, flaps or flotations. And for more strength and aerobic capacity, you can choose one of the specially designed workouts for you to do at home sports:

  • the treadmill (for a 30 minute start at low intensity);
  • home weights (up to 4 kg in one hand; start with weights of 1.5 kg first);
  • stepper;
  • fitness ball;
  • bike (about 30 minutes to get started) etc.
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