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What do you respond when someone assumes you are still pregnant?

What do you respond when someone assumes you are still pregnant?

After birth, the body is in continuous transformation to return to the form it had before becoming pregnant. Your appearance a few days or even weeks after birth may not differ much from that of the last trimester of pregnancy. So, you can wake up with appreciation and questions from those around you that you are still pregnant. What do you answer?

Whether you are with the baby after you or not, the tummy that still persists after giving birth could put you in funny or embarrassing situations, depending on how you want to consider them. So, those who know you less or not at all may ask you, even after you were born - "when you should give birth", based on the aspect you have.

The direct, clear, concise answer

You don't have to be angry. You can only answer honestly, calmly and with a warm and even smiling voice: "I am not pregnant, I do not have to be born! I have only been born for several days".

Another type of answer, much more direct and even "stinging" might be: "No, I'm not pregnant! I'm just fat and so!", Then you can smile easily.

These answers might be uncomfortable and even embarrassing to those who messed up, but this is not your job. It might be worth it if it was sarcastic or ironic.

Diplomatic response

But if you have a nice, friendly interlocutor, who does not do it badly and you are in a good state, you can relax the situation a little, mentioning with a smile to your ears: "In fact, I was just born, but my body seems to not achieve this yet. "

The educational response

This answer might make some education to your interlocutor, especially if she is a woman and has never given birth to a child. You will put her on guard about what awaits her. You can answer it like this: "I was already born. But I still look as though I am pregnant because recovery after birth takes a long time; the body needs weeks and even months to get back to shape before pregnancy."

You can go into even more detail, this deepening can even embarrass the person, pointing out that he is not sufficiently informed and that he snorted: "You see, the uterus is an amazing organ, which extends from the size of a pear or apple , up to the size of a basketball at the end of pregnancy. It's not like when you lift the baby and you're ready, you have the perfect abdomen before pregnancy. To get back to the form of the womb, the uterus needs time. long before it returns to its former form. "

The hesitant answer

Yes you are not in a very good mood and you do not want to answer this question it is better to avoid the detailed answer and leave it as it falls. Or to answer as if it were true.

For example, you can answer the question "when are you getting ready to give birth?"

  • about a week (or a month if the tummy is still smaller);

  • "anytime, from now on";

  • or you can play the book of superstition and you can say "I prefer not to talk about it, I am more superstitious in nature and I think it brings bad luck".

With such answers, you practically close the mouths of the discussion partners, eventually you get a "bump" and "health" and you can get over this misunderstanding.

Misguided response

If your caller is rude and even irritating and you are not in excellent shape, then you may - without wanting to - give him an answer as rude.

Be prepared for this and the question "when should you give birth?" try one of the variants:

  • "4 weeks ago! Is it okay ?!", and he smiles broadly;

  • "My gynecologist told me to say that a woman is pregnant only if she sees the baby's head coming out. Maybe you should do the same thing before asking."

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