Child safety in the park: 7 tips to consider

Child safety in the park: 7 tips to consider

Toys in parks are a safe attraction for children. The spaces specially designed for children are loaded with toys and devices created for the little ones. They are a great source of fun, but they also play an essential role in their development. However, you need to know a few things about these to keep your baby safe.

Child safety in the park: 7 rules to consider

When you go out with the little boy in the park, the first thing you should look for is that it is safe around any toy or play device. The little boy is delighted and enchanted by what he sees and is eager to try them all. He can't see the dangers, and you have to make sure he can play at will. To do this, you must follow some essential things:

  • first of all carefully check each swing, swing or car or other public playground device to see if it is well placed, if not in any way defective, before letting the little one venture into them;
  • go with the little one to spaces where there is sand on the floor or another soft surface; children are agitated, always running and whenever they can fall from a swing or slide; many times, you may not be able to prevent this, but you have to make sure that it falls on a soft surface, such as sand or slag, and not asphalt, as it could seriously injure; the surface must mitigate the impact of the accommodation;
  • check in the sand or through the parquet or on the toys that there are no blunt or dangerous objects in which the little ones can be easily injured: drums, sharpened pieces of metal, newer syringes, etc .;
  • baby swings should be provided with safety devices (straps, chains, to prevent the fall); also, slides and other children's climbing devices must be provided with railings or covered with non-slip materials;
  • teach him to use all toys in public spaces correctly even when you first bring them to them; in this way, you will not be tempted to try new experiences with the swing or slide in the future; it is important to correct it every time it ventures dangerously on the edges of the slide or wants to jump out of the swing;
  • keep an eye on him continuously and do not miss him for a moment; a second of inattention can end tragically for your child; try as close as possible to it when using toys and venture into the park to act promptly if needed;
  • public parks and playgrounds for children are full of germs and germs that are extremely dangerous to the child's health; he has a tendency to get drunk and put on everything he catches and you can't help that much; it is necessary to educate the child so that he knows that he is not allowed to put his hand in his mouth when playing in the park and to always have antibacterial hand gel or disinfectant napkins for him when he finishes playing.

Teach the child the rules of good behavior at the playground!

Teach him to behave beautifully when he goes out to play in the playground. You must make sure that the little boy knows and respects the rules of good behavior in public and at the playground:

  • it is not allowed to mate with the other children;
  • it is not allowed to use the toys otherwise than for the purpose for which they were created;
  • he is not allowed to play in front of another child, if he was in turn to play with a toy;
  • it is not allowed to throw garbage on the floor;
  • is not allowed to jump from the height etc.

Benefits of public toys in child development

There are several reasons why it is advisable to take the child in such spaces, even if there are dangers to which he is subject:

  • encourages play with other children;
  • develops the sociability of the child;
  • has the opportunity to make friends;
  • learn to share toys and wait their turn;
  • can more easily overcome fear of heights;
  • represents efficient methods of relaxation and fun;
  • helps them to develop various skills (especially skills).

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