Online shopping for pregnant women

Online shopping for pregnant women

You are pregnant, you have an alert lifestyle, you are an active woman who goes to the office, sports, has meetings and continues daily activity before pregnancy.

The only thing that has changed since you became pregnant is the shape of your body.

Whether you want it or not, you need new clothes, special for your new shapes - pregnant clothes. And because your time is limited, you probably would be of real help to an online store where you can order your favorite clothes. comes to your aid with new clothes and accessories on the Romanian market., officially launched with a unique fashion presentation!

Claudia Stirbei, the initiator of the project, chose May 10, 2011 for the official launch of the online store for pregnant women. Thus, from now on, future moms will find it easier to adapt their clothing depending on the event, the time of day or the emotional state.

Pregnant women are very sexy and, through clothing, they can better express the feelings of happiness they experience during the 9 months and should not avoid this.

Such a launch required a bespoke fashion presentation - a new one, in which the models were even future mothers. 11 in number, the pregnant women paraded in the clothes casual outfits, business or evening, all in trend. means premium clothes in terms of quality and aesthetics, comfort for pregnant women, practical solutions for the period of 9 months and the partner of the fresh mom in the process of returning after pregnancy.

Particularly for the clothes for pregnant women promoted by Mama Boutique are the materials specially used for the sensitive skin of pregnant women: the modal, a new bio material called "the second skin"; cotton and viscose. wants to be, besides an ideal shopping store for future mothers, and an information point related to the activities, places and events dedicated to pregnant women. The idea came from the need to change the perception of the pregnant woman because she has to look the way she feels - wonderful!

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