Enjoy the pregnancy!

Enjoy the pregnancy!

There are also benefits of pregnancy and things you can enjoy and benefit from during pregnancy.

There are memorable and unique periods in pregnancy, which transform the symptoms and hormonal, emotional and physical changes into nothing in relation to the joy and enthusiasm on your face.

Pay less attention to your morning tits and heavy tummy and concentrate more on the joys of pregnancy! Here's how!

Enjoy the pampering of those around you

From the moment you announce that you will have a baby, expect to be more spoiled than you have ever been. Those around you will no longer know how to do your best and how to create comfort in coping with this period. It's the moment when you can ask without embarrassment your mother to cook that pie with cheese and raisins that only she knows how to make or those sarmalut in sheets ... like at home. Your desire will be a commandment to others!

You can also "take advantage" of the ecstasy of your partner, and if the perfume you tested in the store or those beautiful ringworms in the shop window, it would relieve you that by miracle all the symptoms unpleasant of the pregnancy, do not hesitate to tell them what the remedy is. You will definitely receive them!

Enjoy the unique feeling that pregnancy experience gives you

In the first trimester it is possible that you may find it a frightening experience, being sprinkled with hormonal changes, much more uncomfortable than if they were physical.

But starting with the second trimester, when the hormones are "sitting down" and the body adapts to the new condition, you can enjoy some of the most spectacular moments in a woman's life. The first ultrasound and with it, the first beats of your baby's heart, the finding of sex and his first strokes in the tummy will cause you unique feelings. Only in these moments will you truly realize that you are carrying a baby, your baby, and that a wonderful and sweet being is growing in you.

Enjoy the freedom of food, without any reprimands

It doesn't mean you have to exaggerate, but you can take advantage of the fact that now you don't have to be as tough with your figure as you were before pregnancy. So you can still steal from the joy and satisfaction of tasting a chocolate, from a baban strudel with apples or cheese or from that cake in the confectionery shop window that you have ignored for so long. It is important to be balanced and to consume these products with measure!

Take full advantage of breast size during pregnancy

You will never have such breast dimensions as you will experience them throughout pregnancy. You will have to change your bras, because they will just "explode". They will be much more appetizing and more attractive, mainly to your partner.

Experience extraordinary sex parties

It doesn't seem to be quite right, does it? Especially with the morning grunts, the bloating, the cramping, the swelling of the feet, only sex was not lacking in the landscape. There is also the fear of not doing any harm to the baby and it is a cover for any attempt at sex!

However, specialists claim that you can experience true sexual experiences in the second trimester of pregnancy, when there is an increase in blood circulation in the pelvic area. This means that sexual experiences can prove far more satisfying than at any other time. Many of the former pregnant women claim that they knew what orgasm really means only in the middle of pregnancy.

Make the most of the benefits your pregnancy offers to the public

You will be spoiled not only in this, but also in public. Everyone will be crammed to give you the place in the means of public transport, you have priority in the cash registers of the supermarkets, you have priority in the bathrooms in the restaurants and last but not least the secured parking. It seems like that, life in the city sounds like a dream, doesn't it?

In addition, there will always be someone to help you carry the bag, go down the stairs and even get free food. Because I see you pregnant and for fear of not being lustful, most traders will not hesitate to serve you with your mouth.

Forget about premenstrual syndrome and menstruation discomfort

If menstruation and pre-menstrual syndrome were giving your whole life for a few days a month, now you can say "goodbye" for more than 9 months (pregnancy and a period after birth). No cramps, headaches, bloating, nausea, apathetic condition and other associated symptoms.

The risk of breast or ovarian cancer in the future is lower

Specialists claim that pregnancy greatly reduces the risk of ovarian and breast cancer. The more tasks you have to work and the more children you have when you are younger, the risk decreases even more. And not only during pregnancy, but also after.

You have a special glow in the task

It is about the brightness given by pregnancy, a symptom of it. It seems that this gives those around you the most appropriate indication that you are pregnant. Because, they say, you have a special glow. This is due to the increase in the amount and flow of blood throughout the body, especially in the facial area.

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