5 signs that diet puts your health at risk

5 signs that diet puts your health at risk

Saber diets must adhere to some essential rules and "harmonize" with health, not destroy it. Some women would do absolutely anything to weaken, even endanger their lives. They resort to wonderful diets that destroy their health. Here are some signs that the diet you are following may make you sick!

1. Recommend less than 1200 calories

Do not give credit to any diet that encourages the consumption of less than 1200 calories. Not only does it slow down metabolism, but consuming too few calories can cause the body to retain more fat, and "burn" protein and muscle tissue.

Also, the risk of malnutrition is very high, which leads to a lot of complications and diseases associated with this condition.

2. It claims to accelerate metabolism

Diets that claim to help speed up metabolic function encourage the consumption of certain foods or the administration of supplements. But if you really want to boost your metabolism do not bombard your body with supplements, drink as much water, tea and moderate coffee consumption.

3. Encourages the consumption of the same food or type of food for several days

The healthiest diets are those that combine food categories in a balanced way, so that the body benefits from more nutrients it needs. Even if the recommendations are healthy it is not advisable to eat a whole day only yoghurt or only apples, because the body needs daily doses of other vitamins and minerals that it is good to get them through nutrition.

4. You promise an incredible result in a few days

Those who promise the sea with salt or more precisely, the loss of a record number of calories in a very short time, have something rotten in the middle. Don't trust them! A healthy weight is a moderate and long term.

These miraculous diets promote unhealthy and dangerous methods for the body, which can lead to death. From weight loss pills to starvation, all these promoted health in favor of several pounds lost.

Restrict access to one of the 3 macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates and proteins)

All these 3 macronutrients are essential and have a specific role in the functioning of the body. Weight loss regimes that discourage the consumption of one of them deprive the body of essential elements in its proper development.

5. It is based on weight loss pills

Even though they are praised as being 100% natural, they are harmful to plants. Many dangerous side effects have been reported for many of them. In addition, the administration of weight loss pills, without proper diet and without physical movement, can be fatal for some women. There are cases in which he died from weight loss pills.

The most dangerous effects of dangerous diets

  • decreased immunity and predisposition to the most dangerous diseases;

  • depression (frustration, anxiety, irritability, etc.);

  • dehydration;

  • cardiovascular diseases;

  • hair loss;

  • fatigue;

  • severe constipation;

  • severe deficiency of vitamins and minerals;

  • muscular atrophy, etc.

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