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Decorations for children's parties

Decorations for children's parties

Decorations are essential in organizing any children's party. They are the ones that inspire any room and are the basic condiment for the fun of the little ones. Children are fascinated by them and are thrilled to see so many shapes, colors and drawings around them. Here are some decorations that should not be missing from a party of your child!

Custom balloons

The latest fashion in organizing children's parties is the personalization of the decorations, but also of the cakes or gifts for the little one. Do not hesitate to order colorful balloons, in as many funny forms as to write big and beautiful the name of the child or of the event. If you do not want to write the name, you can choose to print the baby's face on them.


They are the guaranteed attraction of any party. The garlands are like a magnet for children who are just waiting to roll, pull and play with them. Choose garlands that match multiple colors or make them manually with your little one.

You will have a lot of fun cutting out colored papers and sticking them together until you make a large string that will be placed in a strategic location for the party. It's just your masterpiece, it deserves a special place, right?


Flags are some of the most sought after party decorations. Depending on the theme you can buy decorative flags with different designs or colors to match the specific of the party.

These can be used to decorate the room and to let the children play with them, but there are also some miniature flags that can be used for appetizers served at the party.

Flag or banner

It resembles a garland, but it has various forms that it writes a message depending on the theme of the party. For example, if it's a child's day, write "Happy Birthday", if it's for a Halloween party, write "Give us or don't give us" or "Merry Christmas", if it's organized around the winter holidays.


No children's party without the funny confetti and snacks. Buy special devices for them, which you can use during the party to entertain the children, but also before. For a more colorful and cheerful appearance, but also to enliven the room, sprinkle confetti on the floor, between chairs, or on the dance floor.


Hairstyles are in great fashion for children's parties. Whether colored with different designs or personalized with a photo of the little boy, they are obligatory to wear by any guest at the party. It offers a festive air and gives the tone of fun from the entrance to the room door.

Decorative food items

From beautifully colored plastic or cardboard plates, to glasses and straws for fruit-shaped drinks, all can provide a festive look. In addition, the color and the drastic shapes seem to inspire you with joy and fun.


If it is the little boy's day, place a throne for him in the middle of the location or in a special space, where he can sit and be treated like a king or a princess by others. You can introduce the anniversary throne to the stage when your little one opens the presents.

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