Does Masturbation Affect Male Fertility?

Does Masturbation Affect Male Fertility?

Masturbation in men causes a lot of controversy over the influence on fertility. While some experts argue that it may have an impact on fertility if you try to have a baby, others argue that, on the contrary, it encourages the ability to conceive. Although the negative influence is very small, your partner should consider a few things when working on a baby.

Masturbation is a source of sexual pleasure and is a natural act that is done by both women and men. It is characterized by self-stimulation of the genital organs in order to achieve orgasm.

What happens during a man's masturbation?

Every time a man masturbates to completion it means he has an orgasm, so he ejaculates sperm. With each ejaculation of semen outside of your vagina when you try to have a baby, the amount of ejaculated sperm decreases when you maintain sexual acts unprotected for conception. This means that the chances of conceiving a child are lower, although the influence is not very high. But, after many people's advice, it is best to prevent this if you can, because you need all the chances to be on your side.

Also, the more the man masturbates the more often there is the possibility that at the time of sexual intercourse with the partner he can no longer ejaculate or simply no longer have such a high libido and avoid contact. For a man who masturbates more than once a day, the amount of ejaculated semen will be smaller each time than in men who do not masturbate at all or very rarely.

The amount of sperm brings with it a large number of sperm, essential in the process of fertilization of the woman's egg. Thus, the amount of semen is an essential element in encouraging fertility. To this end, men should keep as many ejaculations for sexual intercourse with their partner as possible to increase their chances of getting pregnant.

But some specialists argue that frequent masturbation has no impact on fertility, or if it does, it is truly negligible. They also claim that this routine does not affect the man's ability to achieve erection. They argue that, on the contrary, when a man has no orgasm or ejaculates several days in a row, his fertility decreases. It is explained by the fact that the number of sperm suitable for fertilization from ejaculated sperm decreases considerably It seems that a rare ejaculation in men affects the motility and morphology (shape) of the sperm, essential in the conception process.

Thus, as the man has more orgasms in a week, preferably during sexual intercourse with a partner, the more he produces a sperm of better quality and thus increases the chances of conception.

So, not masturbation is the main problem of male fertility. It seems that this has negligible negative effects on the man's ability to conceive children in relation to:

  • smoking;

  • frequent alcohol consumption;

  • inadequate diet;

  • hot baths;

  • old age (as they try to conceive at an older age, the chances are lower);

  • underwear too tight or made of synthetic materials, etc.

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