How much will the child inherit from your personality?

How much will the child inherit from your personality?

The personality is characterized by a combination of different elements of thinking, living and behavior that make up its uniqueness and the way it interacts with others. Although each person has a unique personality, there are parts of it that are genetically influenced. Here's what from your personality or the father can be transmitted to the child!

You've probably heard yourself often telling your child or hearing from other parents that they are addressing "behaving like your father" or the like. Not only the appearance or physical traits are genetically inherited, say the specialists.

The personality consists of:

• temperament;

• character;

• skills;

• intelligent;

• creativity.

Some of these elements and characteristics can be transmitted via hereditary and to your child.


The first steps in personality formation start with temperament. It consists of a set of inherited properties and properties. There are 4 types of temperaments: choleric, bloody, phlegmatic and melancholic.

Accordingly, depending on the temperamental baggage you have as parents, the child may resemble you or the father or may have a combination of 2 types.


Some psychological and medical predispositions are genetically inherited, say the specialists. For example, they argue that worry is a trait of hereditary personality. The events in daily life influence 60% of children's concern, while the genetic code is responsible for 40%.

It is also considered that depression can be inherited genetically. Neither diseases or other medical conditions are an exception, so there are several diseases that you can inherit:

• obesity;

• breast cancer;

• asthma;

• alcoholism;

allergies etc.

Aggressive behavior

It seems that aggression is a genetic inheritance, say the specialists. They have shown over time that those children born to aggressive parents behaved in this way throughout their lives, regardless of the dose of love and affection that was given to them after birth.

They also managed to discover that there are at least 4 inherited genes that could predispose children to criminal behavior.


And intelligence is part of your personality. And it represents a generous baggage that you can give to your child by inheritance, say the specialists.

It seems that intelligence is inherited through the mother. The specialists justify this by claiming that the genes inherited from the mothers are more important in the growth and development of the brains of the little ones than those of the father.


You probably know of cases where children are as talented as their parents, in about the same areas. Thus, if the father or mother of a child is an exceptional soprano, it is very possible that their child also has extraordinary vocal qualities.

Talent represents a superior development of skills, due exclusively to the genetic code of the parents. It is essential that the lineages of the little ones be discovered as soon as possible, because this hereditary dowry can be lost if it is not cultivated.

Your child can inherit both good and bad things (eg diseases or vices). The specialists argue that in the formation of the child's personality the social, cultural, economic influences, etc., are quite large. Some genetic predispositions may evolve, others may be inhibited depending on how parents educate and guide their children in life.

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