How do you make the computer safe for your child?

How do you make the computer safe for your child?

The computer is one of the most delicate and controversial "toys" of children. It can become an easy trap for the safety and moral integrity of your little one.

Therefore, to stop access to inappropriate sites or content, it is important to take a series of measures from the moment you give the child access to the computer.

Create a user account only for him

If it's the family computer, make sure it has a unique user account. There you will only have pictures, music, games and other personal files, without having access to other important files of your own.

To do this, follow these steps: Click Start - Control Panel - Add or Remove User Accounts - Create New Account.

Establish a username and password and learn how to use it. Also explain the effectiveness of a password and its role, as well as the fact that it should not be told to anyone.

Install a good antivirus

If your little one has access to the internet, it is important to equip your computer with a very good antivirus to avoid getting infected. Buy a licensed antivirus that can be installed several times after the expiration date. It is more practical and economical.

Install an Internet filter or family safety software

There are several products in commerce specially designed to filter all the contents of the computer, but also those on the Internet so that your little one can access only links and files suitable for his age.

You can purchase such software from Controlinternet.ro, a complete service of monitoring and control tools for children in the virtual environment. It allows:

a predefined list of child-safe websites;
restricting applications;
limitation of time on the computer;
remote administration (from another computer).

Windows Vista allows you to access such a program directly from Windows. Enter the Control Panel, click on User Accounts, then Set Up Parental Controls (special program for parents). In Windows Settings, click on Windows Vista Web Filter and put the internet restrictions you want for the online environment.

It limits the access to the internet to the child and establishes pages that can be visited

The internet browser can offer you these facilities. For example, you can set as the home page (which opens the browser every time you start) a specific site for children.

Internet Explorer allows you to do this as follows:

• go to the desired page;
• access the Tools button from the top menu of the browser;
• then click on Internet Options;
• under the Home Page, click Use Current, then click OK to complete the option.

To enter a list of sites your child is allowed to visit, use Favorites in Internet Explorer as follows:

• visit each web page you want your little one to have access to;
• select, on each page separately, from the top menu the Favorites option;
• then click on "Add to favorites";
• then press OK to complete.

If you want to check on what sites your child has entered, you can enter History from the browser (it is the button next to Favorites). There you will find a whole list of sites visited, sorted by weeks and days.

Set the time limit for using the computer

The child should not be allowed to sit at the computer for as long as he or she wants. It is essential to set time limits. And to make it easier for you and not always keep your eyes on the clock to figure out when to turn off your computer, you can set these options directly from Windows.

Windows Vista allows you to set a time limit for its use and also has a program to monitor the child's activities on the computer.

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