How do my mothers lose weight during breastfeeding?

How do my mothers lose weight during breastfeeding?

Weight loss during breastfeeding must take into account some essential rules. Like any mother, you also want to get rid of extra pounds as soon as you are born. You cannot resort to any diet or weight loss method without being sure that it does not interfere with baby milk. Find out how you lose weight while breastfeeding!

Breastfeed more and more often!

Obviously, you should not force the child to pop, but if there is a request from him do not hesitate to give them suck. Breastfeeding is an effective way to lose weight. It can burn around 500 calories a day.

Reduces caloric intake to about 1800 calories per day!

Apply calorie reduction only after 2 months from the beginning of breastfeeding. The specialists argue that it is important to allow a period of the body to recover from itself and only then to take measures against the kilograms left after birth. Never limit your caloric intake to less than 1800 calories daily because you risk affecting lactation and losing essential milk in baby food.

Eat small and thick portions!

Instead of taking 3 main meals that contain very large quantities of food it is better to increase their number and try to consume smaller portions. Snacks are essential in the energy intake that the daily body needs. If you eat a little and often during the day, you will be full all day.

Make as much physical movement as possible!

Specialists believe that physical movement is the best and safest way to lose weight while breastfeeding. This way you can no longer ingest diet foods that harm the baby. Long walks or running are some of the simplest and handy ways to move without much effort.

Of course, the best thing to do is to go to a gym, especially since there are instructors out there who can help you lose weight as quickly as possible, but also properly and healthily. They can give you the best suggestions for exercises and workouts.

Eat diet foods indicated in breastfeeding!

The 1800 calories a day must be obtained from the consumption of foods that are as healthy as possible, but which also respect the rules of breastfeeding. It would be good to even benefit lactation and to promote it. For example, you may want to stick to a diet that relies more on spices and spicy foods, but they are contraindicated in breastfeeding because they cause colic and stomach upset in the baby.

Instead, you can unreservedly choose some of the following foods to make your menu:

  • whole grains;

  • eggs;

  • dairy products;

  • green vegetables;

  • chicken meat;

  • berry vegetables (lentils, beans);

  • fruit;

  • peanuts or nuts;

  • over (but with caution, no more than 2-3 times a week).

Drink as much water as possible!

Water is needed in the process of burning fat and also helps lactation. But avoid satisfying your thirst with juices or other sweetened beverages.

How they have it weakened moms in the community while breastfeeding?

Iubytzik22: The only thing you can do is move, take longer walks. Otherwise, it is best to avoid eating a lot at a meal, ie it is better to eat short and frequent meals, then try in the evening if you are hungry to eat a fruit. I mean after 19:00. And in general to eat as healthy as possible to breastfeed and maintain even if you can not lose weight; it depends on how soon she was born and how many kilos she took during pregnancy ... aa and to drink plenty of plain water and avoid much bread.

Nicon: And Michel Montignac's diet is recommended for breastfeeding. You eat saturated, but you have to be careful about the combinations you make. In this diet, the glycemic index of the food, ie the amount of sugar in the food, is taken into account. Sugar (replaced by fructose that is eaten in smaller quantities), potatoes, white flour flour and some boiled vegetables should be dropped. Carbohydrates (whole grains, cereals, sweet stuff) do not combine with lipids (fat-containing stuff). There would be a few more things, but those are the basics.

Try other weight loss exercises tested by breastfeeding mothers!

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