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11 medical myths that influence your life

11 medical myths that influence your life

Medical myths are present and are becoming more and more ground in the beliefs and current lifestyle. Serious is that some lead us, wrong, life and can endanger our health or make us believe that we are suffering from non-existent diseases or take completely wrong treatments. Here are the top 11 medical myths you need to know!

If you get the flu shot, you automatically get the flu

Most people do not really understand that the flu shot vaccine contains strains of inactive influenza virus. In other words, the influenza virus present in the vaccine composition is "dead" and cannot be activated by anything in the body. Against it, it fights against the active virus when the person is subject to contamination.

Vitamin supplements are needed worldwide and make you healthier

Vitamin and mineral supplements are by no means a treatment. Also, not everyone needs them when cold and flu outbreaks occur, ie winter or spring.

On the contrary, doctors argue that they should be given only at the doctor's recommendation and that overdosing with certain vitamins or minerals can lead to serious problems and imbalances in the body.

It is often wrong to choose combinations of several vitamins to be administered, without knowing if they need everything and at what doses. It's extremely dangerous.

You must drink at least 2 liters of water daily

It is not necessarily a myth, but rather a slight confusion that results from this recommendation that people generally do not perceive.

Drinking water is essential for health, it is very good to also observe this indicator of doctors of at least 2 liters daily, but be careful because this amount is the total water of a day. And the foods and other drinks you consume in a day contain water and enter the calculation of 2 liters. So it is not mandatory to drink only 2 liters of water.

Computers spoil your eyesight

It is one of the most popular myths. Numerous analyzes have led specialists to conclude that our eyes are not in danger of being affected by prolonged exposure to the computer (and the radiation emitted by them, which affects the eyes to a negligible extent).

It seems that the ocular tension caused by the prolonged concentration of certain activities on the computer, the lack of rest of the eyes according to the doctor's instructions, the ignorance of certain conditions and other reasons are based on the diminished vision.

Vaccines cause autism

The body may experience side effects when administering a vaccine, but there is no scientific evidence that it would cause autism. Adverse symptoms include local irritation, mild fever, etc. Just that!

The myth appeared in 1998, when the parents of 8 children with autism accused the mumps, rubella and measles vaccine as guilty of triggering the disease. But studies on more than 530,000 children have failed to identify any correlation between autism and vaccine.

Unfortunately, this myth has prevented many parents from administering the children's vaccine, putting their health at risk.

Eggs raise harmful cholesterol in the blood

Although in the past the daily consumption of eggs is recommended, the modern era comes with new assumptions. Some doctors claim that they actually have harmful effects on cholesterol.

Today's specialists argue that there is no danger in this regard and, on the contrary, it has been shown that they would have a positive effect on it if consumed correctly.

In addition, even if that is the case, there is no reason why you should not consume egg white, which has no effect on cholesterol.

Cancer treatments are painful and unnecessary

This idea was true long ago. Today, research and discoveries in the field have succeeded not only in finding the cure for more and more cancers, but also creating minimally invasive treatment schemes with reduced adverse effects.

Just think that in the past 90% of children with leukemia died, while today 80% of them survive and are cured of this terrible disease.

It is true that it does not apply in all cases of cancer, but the generalization of this myth leads to strong emotional pressures on cancer patients.

If you eat at night you get more fat

It's not true, experts say! What is really believable and important to consider is that eating at night can cause digestive problems. But experts argue that from the point of view of accumulating extra kilograms it does not matter what time you eat if you respect the amount of daily calories recommended.

Cholesterol is harmful to health

Careful! There is "good" cholesterol and "bad" cholesterol in the body. Harmful cholesterol is influenced by saturated fats in foods and can cause serious heart disease. The beneficial is "nourished" by unsaturated fats from healthy foods and plays an essential role in the optimal functioning of the body.

We use only 10% of the brain

It is a myth that has survived for decades, but experts claim that no part of the brain remains inactive for life. They have shown that people use much more than 10% of the brain in their daily processes and activities.

Stress takes away your white hair

Not the stress itself brings out white hair, but the fact that it prematurely ages the body. Early aging due to stress occurs both externally and internally and determines specific reactions, including bleaching.

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