Natural methods to increase fertility

Natural methods to increase fertility

Increasing and improving fertility also represents an increase in the chances of conceiving a child. This can be done on the one hand with medical support and specific treatments, but on the other hand there are natural methods that can help you. There are simple and handy measures you can do at home!

Calculation of the fertile period and ovulation

It is not enough to maintain sexual intercourse and so on. It is essential to carefully monitor your menstrual cycles and identify the period of ovulation. The calculation of the fertile period helps you determine which day is the highest chance of conception.

Sexual positions

If you have difficulty getting pregnant even if you do not have medical problems, then it may be necessary to experience sexual positions that favor the fertilization of the egg by the sperm. All positions with deep penetration and in key positions are indicated because it is important for the sperm to reach as close to the cervix as possible to achieve fertilization.

Avoid the positions you are standing on, in your chair or on top, because there is a risk that the semen will leak outside the body. Try the missionary position, and after ejaculation try to stand with your feet and bottom up to encourage fertilization.

Adequate nutrition

Proper nutrition plays an essential role in fertility. A balanced diet rich in essential nutrients helps hormonal regulation and optimal functioning of the reproductive tract. It also helps you maintain your weight in optimal parameters, which plays an essential role in fertilizing.

It is important to keep in mind a few things when it comes to foods for increased fertility:

  • includes in the diet as many foods with vitamin C and antioxidants, zinc, calcium and vitamin D; all these have a role in maximizing the chances of conceiving a baby;

  • Avoid drinking when trying to conceive;

  • quit smoking;

  • Avoid coffee and caffeine-containing products (reducing the amount is not enough).

Physical movement

Sport is another natural method that increases your chances of conceiving babies. It helps maintain optimum weight, which helps increase fertility. If physical training is combined with a balanced diet then you have every chance to fulfill your dream of having a child.

Natural treatments (plants that promote fertility)

There are several plants and herbs that contribute fully to increasing the couple's fertility. They can be used as an additional method in addition to the medical methods of treating fertility problems. Natural treatments for fertility can be a real support when other treatments and remedies have failed.

Whether it stimulates sexual desire, regulates the menstrual cycle or treats certain conditions that are in the way of conceiving a child, plants are ideal for increasing fertility. Among the most effective are:

  • Bear Branch;
  • Celery;
  • Napraznicul;
  • Unicorn root;
  • Damiana;
  • Nettle;
  • Flax seeds;
  • The fruit of chastity;
  • Don Quai;
  • Red clover;
  • Cretisoara etc.

Discover more herbs and herbal remedies, as well as their benefits and how to administer them in the category Natural treatments for fertility!

Relaxation methods

Stress has been shown to be a dangerous enemy of fertility. Therefore, the best way to combat it is to use the most expensive equipment available: the most efficient methods of relaxation and control of stress and anger.

Here are some ideas:

  • massage;
  • sports;
  • bubble bath;
  • foot relaxation and foot massage;
  • read;
  • spa treatments;
  • walks;
  • minivacants etc.

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