Creative ideas of torture for children

Creative ideas of torture for children

Cakes for children should be first and foremost delicious and then delicious. The colors, shapes, sweets and creativity should not be missing from the ingredients of any tortilla for your little one. Here are some fun ideas through which you can turn a banal cake into a party attraction!


It's so easy to make a butterfly cake. You need a round countertop and a rectangular countertop.

Cut the round countertop in half and adjust the size of the rectangle to that of the halves so as to create symmetry and give the shape of a butterfly (as in the picture).

Then dress them in creams as colorful and do not forget the chocolates. You can make all kinds of arrangements with the help of caramels, drops or other chocolates.


The garlic cake is one of the most appreciated by the little ones. The cute shape of this insect makes any little one smile. You have more options in making this cake.

Either turn the whole cake into a garnish, or make small garnish decorations with which you arrange the cake.

If you make all the cake a big garargita, then you only need a round counter that you dress in red cream. Then, with the help of a chocolate topping, you define the wings and with the chocolate chocolates you can point the wings.

The gargantuan head can be made from a smaller, round cake. It is decorated in black with white chocolates as eyeglasses.

If you do not want the whole cake to be in this form, you can make more garnishes of cakes that you can arrange on the tport as you wish.


The fun and fun of a fisherman knows no bounds among children. So, if your little one is passionate about fish, do not hesitate to do his cake in this form.

You need a lot of worktop and a little creativity. Take a round shaped countertop and cut it to give the shape of the fish's body. And from another countertop, he cuts the fins and tail of the fish.

You can mount it by gluing them together with the cream inside and you can coat it in another cream, in which you put food coloring.

Then you start giving them "life" by gluing eyes and creating scales from multicolored chocolates. Your child will be ecstatic.


As with the gargle, you can turn the entire cake into a clown face or create smaller clowns to cheer the tortilla.

It's very simple: wrap a round top in white cream. Then, with the help of a chocolate topping, he draws cross-shaped eyes.

You need colored puffs in round shape to create a wig and a big red candy to post as a nose.

From the multicolored jelly you create the specific clown's grin by mounting it as a mouthpiece.

If you do not want the whole cake to embody a clown, then choose small briquettes to decorate in the same way and mount on a simple cake in a favorite color.

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