The Bible, Volume 2

The Bible, Volume 2

From May 2, the National Journal and the Litera Publishing House will bring you the second volume of the Bible. The most important book of Christians reviewed and maintained by Metropolitan Bartolomeu Anania. The text of the Holy Scriptures in 8 volumes with countless illustrations, pictures with the monasteries in Romania and maps of the holy places.

The second volume of the Bible includes: The Book of Joshua, The Book of Judges, The Book of Ruth, The First Book of Kings, The Second Book of Kings, The Third Book of Kings, The Fourth Book of Kings, and the First Book of Paralipom.

The book of Ruth has its name from that of the main heroine, the Maobitean woman whom the divine pronouncement legally introduced into a family of Israelites, and, by this, into the family tree of King David and, in the descendants of the body, of The Savior Jesus Christ.

Today's reader will be surprised to find out the naturalness with which two young Israelites marry with two moabitence and the naturalness with which one of them adopts the religion of his mother-in-law and the people he has integrated into. Also, the biblical reader will be surprised to find that, unlike most of the historical and prophetic books of the Old Testament, there will be no trace of deceit, injustice, abuse, harshness, hardening, incarceration, war, blood. , beggars and deserts.

All - absolutely all - the characters in the book of Ruth have an exemplary spiritual honor and, moreover, a neighborly kindness with holiness. The book of Ruth is one of the masterpieces of biblical literature.

A story in pictures

The illustrations, an absolute novelty in the biblical culture, are meant to orient in the space, culture, diversity and history of the places where the most passionate dialogue between God and humanity took place.

Here are some of the illustrations that you will find in the second volume of the Bible: Iosua Navi, the fresco, the Sucevita monastery, the ancient walls of Jericho, Jericho - today, the Angel of the Lord - the fresco, the Balinese monastery, battles and conflicts - the fresco, Dragomirna monastery, Virgin Mary turning - fresco, Panselinos, Bethlehem - today, Prophet Samuel - fresco, Moldovan monastery, King David - fresco, Sucevita monastery, Saint Elohim - the fresco, Tismana monastery, Jerusalem today, Saint Elijah in the cave - fresco Arbore monastery.

The Bible represents the biblical text revised by Metropolitan Bartholomew in full and unchanged. The Bible is structured in 8 volumes representing an accessible and easy to use edition. It is a project that crowns the life mission of Metropolitan Bartolomeu Anania in the service of the Romanian language and theology.

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