Fertility tests in women

Fertility tests in women

Fertility tests are essential when a couple who wants to give birth to a child does not succeed despite trying for more than 1 year. At that time, the couple's infertility is suspected, so both partners undergo multiple tests to find out which of them has problems in this regard. Here are the main fertility tests women are subjected to!

If you suspect fertility problems it is essential to make an appointment with a doctor. It is advisable to go to a doctor who specializes in fertility problems.


First of all this will make you an anamnesis, which is why you must be prepared to answer questions about:

  • medical history (including chronic disease or surgery);

  • common medicines you administer;

  • consumption of caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, etc .;

  • exposure to chemicals, toxins or radiation at home or at work;

  • sexual habits (how often do you have sex, history of gynecological problems and conditions, how many partners did you have, etc.);

  • used underwear);

  • previous pregnancies or abortions;

  • regularity of the menstrual cycle (spots, his absence and other changes, etc.);

  • contraceptive methods used etc.

If you have been to a doctor who specializes in fertility problems before, it is important to take the file with you for analysis and testing.

Physical examination

After the anamnesis the doctor will do a thorough physical examination. This includes a pelvic examination to detect any sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhea or other genital infections that could contribute to infertility.

Hormonal blood tests

Blood tests are meant to detect female hormone levels and any disorders at this level. These include level-based testing:

  • luteinized hormone;

  • follicular stimulation hormone;

  • prolactin;

  • progesterone;

  • testosterone;

  • estrogen (estradiol).

The postcoital test

There are other tests besides the blood tests that are done in order to detect infertility problems in women. The postcoital test is one of them and has the role of analyzing the cervical mucus after unprotected sexual contact. It indicates the quality of the sperm and the ability of the sperm to fertilize the egg released by the ovaries. In order to achieve this, the cervical gland is harvested from the cervix.

Transvaginal ultrasound

Doctors can also perform a complex, transvaginal ultrasound that has the role of investigating the condition and functioning of the uterus and ovaries. They try to detect whether the ovarian follicles are functioning normally or not.


Hysterosalpingography is a radiological analysis that investigates the internal areas of the uterus, the uterine tubes, as well as their external parts. This has the role of detecting the most detailed disorders or anomalies in these areas.


The doctor may prescribe this complementary ultrasound if he suspects abnormalities in the uterine wall (following hysterosalpingogram). This is hysteroscopy and can be used both as an investigative and therapeutic method, because besides the role of diagnosing possible (especially endometrial) disorders it also has the role of removing certain problems or taking samples for biopsy.


This is not a regular test, but is done only at the doctor's special advice. They recommend it only if the Pap test, PAP or vaginal cytologic examination indicate lesions that require careful analysis. It is a complementary analysis that is performed both by visualizing the internal genital organs (vulva, vagina, cervix), but also by taking biopsy tissue to be analyzed carefully under the microscope.


It is a special blood test that has the role of detecting abnormalities at the chromosome level. Some of these affect the ability to conceive, which is why doctors also resort to this analysis. It has the role of examining the structure of the genetic material (chromosomes) at the cellular level.

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