Muzzy, Volume 8, a collection book that helps children learn foreign languages ​​quickly

Muzzy, Volume 8, a collection book that helps children learn foreign languages ​​quickly

On Friday, April 29, the National Journal and the Litera Publishing House bring you the 8th volume from Muzzy collection (book and CD). For all children to learn English, French, Spanish, Italian and German quickly. Because it's fun and efficient, but especially loved by all! Muzzy: 15 CD books and 15 DVD books that will help you unravel the mystery of languages!

How important it is for your child to know at least one foreign language? How will this influence his future? At school or at work, English and French are the first on the mandatory list! And as we live in the century of speed and globalization, languages ​​such as German, Italian or Spanish should also be included in our knowledge bag. With very little effort, foreign languages ​​will no longer be a mystery to your little one.

The course represents a program of rapid language learning, the great or merit being that it works with the same efficiency both among children and adolescents, but also among adults. Your child will learn the most important words in 5 foreign languages: concepts about health, time, feelings, days of the week, people and places, how to dress, about family and friends, about life at home and hundreds of other words and phrases, which are the basis of the vocabulary of any language of the world.

From the 8th volume of Muzzy collection we learn terms about ... the doctor's visit and the main meals of the day. We have prepared many surprises that will surely delight all children. We let you discover them in this volume!

The multilingual course includes: 15 books with DVD, which presents an engaging story with nice characters, supported by cartoons and a vocabulary with over 500 words in each language. MUZZY interactive contains 15 books with CD: over 1,000 exercises and computer games. For 30 weeks, every Friday, the National Journal will be accompanied by ... Muzzy! The price of a volume will be 14,9 RON.

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