Can I get pregnant with a uterine tube?

Can I get pregnant with a uterine tube?

When you have only one functioning uterine tube and you want a baby, it is normal to have some dilemmas and concerns about the chances of conceiving a baby. Theoretically, the chances of pregnancy decrease in relation to the situation in which you had both trumpets, but the specialists assure that there is no impediment to the conception of the much desired baby.

What role do uterine tubes play in conception?

Uterine tubes are essential in the conception process:

  • ensures and supports the capture of the egg in the peritoneal cavity;

  • transport the egg to the uterus;

  • leads the sperm to the egg where fertilization occurs.

Most women with only one functional uterine tube manage to get pregnant without any problems. Although statistically speaking, the chances of getting pregnant are halved, most women do not find a problem in this.

Essential conditions to be able to get pregnant with a fallopian tube

The fact that you have only one uterine tube does not pose any problem in the way of conception if:

  • you have both ovaries;

  • ovules (you have normal and regular menstrual cycles);

  • the remaining tube is functional.

The position of the ovaries and the fallopian tubes play an essential role in the conception of the baby. The monthly egg is usually released into the tube closest to the ovary. If the remaining functional horn is located on the opposite side of the ovary that releases the egg, this is a problem in the fertility path. But even so, there is a solution and you can get pregnant with the help of assisted human reproduction techniques. So, if we say that you can't conceive a child naturally, you can always call on these techniques, which have an extremely high success rate in these cases.

In any case, you should discuss with your doctor about the chances of becoming pregnant in this condition. These increase and decrease depending on the medical features of each woman and other problems they face in the reproductive system.

You can increase your chances of getting pregnant sooner if you accurately perform all the medical tests recommended by the doctor, eat healthy, take supplements and prenatal vitamins and play sports. In other words, if there are no other conditions that affect your fertility and you have a healthy lifestyle, your chances of conceiving a baby are the same as those of a woman who has both functional uterine tubes.

Moms in the community ensure that they can get pregnant with just one tube!

Moms who have gone through experiences or problems (extrauterine pregnancy, clogging or clogging of the tubes, their impermeability, etc.) that have led to the loss of a fallopian tube demonstrate that they can become pregnant with a single uterine tube and offer advice:

Uta08 (extrauterine pregnancy): I had 2 extrauterine pregnancies in 2003 and 2006, one on the left and one on the right. At first I didn't even realize what was happening to me. Fortunately, I met an extraordinary doctor, who kept my tube, even though he did my classic surgery. After the two unpleasant adventures both my tubes were clogged, I did hysterics and the doctor managed to break my left horn only. The miracle came in 2007 ... so, do not lose hope, you can get pregnant with a single tube and after an extrauterine pregnancy. It comes when you expect less.

Pasy (blocking of the tubes): You can also get pregnant with a fallopian tube, either after surgical therapy or during / after drug therapy. The therapeutic method is decided only by the gynecologist who has treated you and is following you, you must trust him. Follow the right treatment, stay away from genital infections, colds and pray to be blessed with a baby. The blocked and laparascopic tube may be removed. It is done in the operating room, where 3 incisions are made and everything is done with the laser, in two days you are home. In general, the doctor decides what suits you best. Much health.

Racheel: From my experience I tell you that you can also stay with a pregnant tube.

LianaDani: Many girls become pregnant and only with a tube without problems, it is good to investigate and with laparoscopy to see the tube well, that for nothing is permeable if it is thin you can end up with an extrauterine pregnancy.

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