How do you wake up the baby?

How do you wake up the baby?

A baby can sleep even 18 hours a day. But sometimes, it must be awakened - either to be nourished, or to be given a medicine, etc. You might get hit by the situation where the baby is a sleepy one who doesn't even want to wake up. Here are some essential steps when you want to wake it up!


Try to make a little galley. It does not make loud and sudden noises, because you risk to wake up scared. The noise level gradually increases. Talk to them, go to TV or music, etc. The little ones shudder most often and at the slightest noise.

Easy touch

Gently touch his legs and gloves. You can even try to imitate walking with your fingers on the back of your little one. If you do not wake up then play lightly with your hands or feet, moving and shaking them gently.


Wet a cotton towel with a little water. Squeeze it tightly and then gently tamp the neck and face of your baby back. Moisture and the cool feeling that the compress offers can be a wake-up call.


Uncover it and take it down, one at a time. A baby likes the warm and comfortable environment offered by clothes and cots. If you start to reveal it little by little, the sudden temperature difference might wake you up.

If he still does not wake up after you throw his crib aside and his pants down, then put a hand on yours, the colder one, on the abdomen. He should start to feel this cold touch.

Diaper change

Change his diaper. Not much fan change diaper even when it is awake, but when you make this gesture and sleep should wake up instantly, even if it is slightly puffed. The movements of the baby's body involved in this process should make it open the large eyes. And maybe a little annoying, because of the inconvenience! That is why it is important to talk to him continuously, to hear your voice and to calm down if he is scared.

The mouth of air

Sometimes taking the baby out for a short walk or suddenly going outside is all it takes to help him open his eyes and wake up.

It is possible to start crying. It is not unusual and therefore you should not be scared if it arises. It is normal to be upset. Give her suck or nipple and she will calm down. Then you can move on to the reason you woke him up.

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