The meaning of Easter on the meaning of children

The meaning of Easter on the meaning of children

If you ask a child what Easter is, probably the only answers you will get are "when we make red eggs" or "when the rabbit comes with toys". Beyond these things, Easter remains the most important religious holiday of Christianity. It has a special spiritual load and it is advisable to pass it on to your little one, as far as it goes.

On Easter we first celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the son of God, on the third day after the crucifixion (on Great Thursday). This is the fundamental event of Christianity. It is quite difficult to explain to a child of some anisors why Jesus Christ was crucified and how he "resurrected from the dead", as well as many other strictly religious information.

How do you explain to the children the meaning of Easter?

Start by sharing what this holiday means to you in the first place. You can read and read from the books and the Bible, but if your little one does not notice your involvement and how much it affects you, how you live its meaning, it will not impress or show interest.

The best opportunity to share this story is in the evening, instead of the usual story before bedtime.

Remember that your little one does not have to know all the details of the Passions of Christ. Avoid focusing on whipping, wreath with spikes that were placed on his head, or His crucifixion on the cross. It is important for them to know that he has suffered and died, but not very detailed.

Let him intervene and ask you questions. If you do not know how to answer a question do not lie to it, be honest and tell it that you are not sure of the answer, but that you will find out and tell them.

You can use the "Children's Bible" to read some passages of the most important events. This can be a great help and a basic support for finding the right words. These books are written in a simple and coherent language appropriate to the child's comprehension skills.

Focus more on the Resurrection moment. This is the most important thing you need to know and understand from what Easter means.

Explain to them and why we raise eggs for Easter. He must know that it is not only a fun activity, but that it also has a spiritual significance. There are several legends about them. On the one hand it is reported that when Jesus was crucified, his blood ran over a few eggs that His mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, had in a basket and they blushed. Other legends say that they are red because they symbolize the passions and suffering of Jesus.

The light of the resurrection night is another symbol that your little one must know. As it grows you will take it with you and your whole family to the Resurrection service from Saturday night to Easter Sunday and you will see that at one point all the people there will follow the priest's call "Come and take the light" and light the candles around. Explain to your little one that each candle lit that night at the Church is the symbol of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Or, more meaningfully, tell him that it is the moment when good overcomes evil, as he learned from stories.

Involve the little one in activities and preparations for Easter. Whether it is cleaning, cooking or painting eggs or games and toys with specific, all represent wonderful opportunities for the little boy to learn the meaning of this holiday. Involving the child in crafting, fittings and home decorations serve the same purpose.

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