Physical exercises and weakness, myth and truth

Physical exercises and weakness, myth and truth

Exercises or physical movement is an inexhaustible topic of debate and controversy. To be sure you lose weight, your health benefits with the duium, but there are also some myths or mistakes that could endanger your health. It is important to be a strong and healthy mom to your baby! Make the difference between what is true and what is false when it comes to physical movement and your health or figure!

Truth - Physical exercises are weak

This is an indisputable fact. Besides diet, sport (of any kind, even simple walks) contributes to an effective and definite weight loss. Therefore, any attempt to lose weight must have physical training and program.

False - If you exercise on an empty stomach you burn calories more easily

It is by no means true. Physical exercises have the role of burning calories, and in the stomach there are no calories to be burned. The body needs energy to burn them, and if you do not eat (fruits, vegetables and other foods full of essential nutrients), you have no where to get that energy.

False - You only have to play sports if you want to lose weight

Sport is part of a healthy lifestyle. In addition, even if you do not look like an overweight person (although you eat quite unhealthy) it does not mean you have no fat deposits in the body. Most often they are inside the origanism, often deposited on organs causing serious illness.

Truth - Before you stretch, you need heating

There have been many debates on this topic, but most experts have come to the same conclusion: it is better or safe and more advisable to warm up before going to the training itself. The muscles should be warmed up with a few easy movements, otherwise there is a risk of injury.

False - You must feel like it hurts when you play sports, to lose weight

The famous English expression "no pain, no gain" has long been attributed to sport. It was said that if you do not feel pain when doing a workout, you will not lose weight. Totally wrong, doctors and coaches say. On the contrary, if you start to feel pain it is a sign that something is wrong. It could be an injury.

False - The abdomen helps you have a flat abdomen

Or rather, partially true! The abdomen helps to eliminate the abdominal fat layers because they are exercises that work the most in that area. But they alone are not able to achieve your long dreamed abdomen. To burn almost 500 grams of visceral fat you need to burn 3500 calories in that area alone. The abdomen cannot do this by themselves!

False - You should never drink water during exercises

It is an extremely dangerous myth. Because during physical exertion, the body becomes dehydrated much faster. Doctors advise not to wait until you are thirsty because this is already a sign of dehydration.

Truth - If you play sports, you can eat absolutely anything you don't fat

There is a prejudice often encountered among those who want to play sports. They have the impression that if I do sports I can eat anything because I burn calories at workouts anyway. Physical movement should be part of a healthy lifestyle, along with a balanced diet based on healthy foods. You will never lose weight if you eat healthy and play sports. Moreover, the specialists argue that there is a risk of light injuries in this way.

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