Baby foods forbidden

Baby foods forbidden

The baby or baby's diet should contain only healthy and nutrient-rich products essential for its growth and development. Generally, parents abide by the general rules of eating for the little ones, but they often have leaks when it comes to snacks or finger foods. Some of them may seem appropriate, but they are forbidden because they are unhealthy.

Some snacks are recommended for babies, but parents tend to give the children from time to time to taste what they eat, because "it may be their appetite." And look, babies get to pack junk foods that are extremely harmful to their developing body.

Natural juices

Not even natural juices, from fresh fruits, are no longer indicated in baby nutrition. Even if the origin is the fruit does not mean that they are healthier.

Much of the fiber is lost when the fruit is transformed into juice, and what remains is sugar. Juice loses many of its nutritional properties, instead of remaining only calories.

Jelly desserts

Even though they are not consumed by adults, they have long been considered a spectacular baby dessert. Gelatin is considered to contain protein (probably because it is made of animal cartilage and bones). But it is not true, say nutritionists, or at least not in such a large quantity.

And what babies actually get to eat from such products is sugar, food dyes and artificial flavors.


They are among the most used baby snacks. They are also especially useful during the dental eruption, when children feel the need to constantly sniff something. But they are quite satiated, so that only 2-3 of the biscuits the child could be saturated with. If this happens, he will not eat enough at a normal meal and the nutritional deficit will appear.

In addition, as sweet snacks cause the little ones to eat and want even more "sweet", the same thing happens with salty snacks. It makes the children want more salt foods, and the specialists warn that there was a too high salt consumption among children in the modern diet.

Sour juices

Even if it seems hard to believe, the specialists claim that they have encountered a lot of cases in which the young children were served with no carbonated juices in the market. You need to be aware that these products do not contribute anything nutritionally to the baby's body. On the contrary, they contain huge amounts of sugar that affect the development of the tooth, and the sensation of false satiety it offers can cause undernutrition.


Pay attention to what foods you give your baby to "taste"! There is a popular consciousness that goes with the idea that babies should taste - along with diversification - of everything their parents eat. And here's how we see babies 6-7 months old tasting from fried eggs, fried chicken or even Parisian potatoes or other harmful foods that can accumulate can harm their digestive system, quite sensitive and immature.

Processed food

We define food or processed foods in several ways. But in large part they are characterized by any modification or addition in its growth and cooking process. These contribute to the loss of many essential nutritional values ​​and to their enrichment with fats, sugar, salts and additives that make it unhealthy and useless for the health of the baby.

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