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The benefits of the theater in the development of the small child

The benefits of the theater in the development of the small child

The theater - both the courses and the watching of the shows - is an efficient way to stimulate the confidence and self-esteem of the little ones, to combat timidity and traceability and to put their creativity and imagination to work. These are just some of the benefits that theater can have in the development of children.

And watching shows has a special effect on the child's development, but his enrollment in acting classes has a much greater influence, and children learn a lot of things:

Learn how to socialize!

Theater courses involve interacting with other children, cooperation and creating situations where the child is forced to follow rules. The little one can easily connect friends in such classes!

It contributes to overcoming the emotions and fears of public speaking (trac)!

Most children get tired and become shy when they need to talk in front of a crowd. The theater courses mainly involve playing a stage role in front of the spectators. In this way, children learn as a child with public speaking and with the audience, which helps them a lot at school, but also at maturity.

It develops its ability to self-control!

One of the great benefits of attending theater classes since they are young is that it helps the child to control their emotions and impulses, control them and channel them towards positive actions. This is a great performance that the little one can achieve and one of the hardest "lessons" that parents have to learn. Acting courses can successfully supplement you in this regard.

Language development and general culture enrichment!

The theater courses and the plays staged only enrich the general knowledge of the children. They enter new universes, know historical characters, classical works that must be known by every child and find out a lot of interesting things about their authors.

In addition, they also enrich their vocabulary with new terms and help them have a more fluent and correct speech.

Develop a passion for reading!

The fascinating universe of the theater is based on a wide range of literary pieces, implicitly books. These are the basis of any staging of a play. They have the opportunity to learn more about the amazing world of literature, about classical writers and not to mention, but especially to discover, why not, the passion for reading!

Improve body language!

Another benefit that few courses for children have is that by playing a role the child expresses itself not only verbally, but also through gestures and mimicry, behavioral. He learns to control his movements and gestures and to use them in certain situations, which gives him an essential bodily expressiveness.

It helps to develop self-confidence and self-esteem!

The confidence and self-esteem of the child are quite difficult to model in the child. But there are solutions, and the theater courses stimulate both. The achievements of these courses - the fact that he manages to stage the play, that they are successful in shows, that the teacher praises it - all contribute to boosting their confidence and developing self-esteem.

Develop memory, thinking, attention, concentration!

The theater actively assists in the development of learning skills. It builds a solid foundation for the school period. By learning the pieces and putting them on stage, children use memory, creativity, attention and exercise concentration. Theater courses intellectually stimulate children!

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