The guide grows through the theater, understands the psychology of the child

The guide grows through the theater, understands the psychology of the child

Education through techniques borrowed from the theater now has an online resource that can be used at home, at school or in communities across the country. The dramatic art guide "Grow through the theater", developed by UPC Romania and the Theater "Ion Creanga", can be downloaded free of charge by accessing the Resources category on www.cresteprinteatru.ro.

The "Grow through the Theater" guide helps you understand how the psychology of children between the ages of 7 and 10 works, details the stages of development during this period and especially describes the methods of alternative education through dramatic art techniques.

"The" Grow through the Theater "initiative is unique in Romania because it involves the application of dramatic art techniques to the personal development of children. The first stage of the program was successfully completed, so UPC Romania supported the development of the guide, as a resource for those who they want to take on this model of alternative education and join us in cultivating the potential of the new generation, "says Ariana Badin, PR & Communication Director, UPC Romania.

If you are interested in applying these alternative educational methods inspired by acting, the guide is a good working tool, offering examples of exercises and observations made during 12 workshops under the guidance of a psychologist and an expert in the performing arts.

Education through play

"Childhood is the defining interval in the life of each of us, which marks the reference points of the personality. The theater approaches the particularities of childhood through its own: the game. This is a very appropriate tool in the education of the child, which does not make a clear distinction between play and learning. The experience of the first series of workshops demonstrated the practice of memorization processes, logical association, stimulating inventiveness and especially the development of a partnership relationship in a group, "says Dr. Psychologist Carmen Anghelescu.

The educational material was elaborated by the psychologist Carmen Anghelescu, in collaboration with the expert in the dramatic art Marcela Andrei and also includes the working methodology within the workshops, as well as the psychological objectives pursued during the program "It grows through the theater".

The first stage of the program "Grow through the theater" ended in December 2010, and the results obtained after working with the first group of children were presented in a demonstration workshop with the public.

Download the Dramatic Art Guide for free.

The program "Grow through the theater" is in progress and has reached the second series of workshops. Registration continues on the website www.cresteprinteatru.ro, and the next preselection will take place in April 2011.