Foods and legends in Romanian Kitchen Stories

Foods and legends in Romanian Kitchen Stories

On Friday, August 6, you have volume four of "The Stories of Romanian Cuisine".

For you to have in the library and in your kitchen "Collections Recipes". A new series of books by Jurnalul National.

This week we continue our culinary journey to the east of the Carpathians - in "Bucovina sweet with sour cream" and in Moldova "sugar vowels" (as Radu Anton Roman liked to say) - then passing beyond Prut, in "nearby, far away Bessarabia ", kept rich in tastes and culinary challenges.

Among the olive trees and stuffed pumpkin flowers, enveloping us with "sarmales in Boston, with a taste of eternity", we will know one by one the strange stories and recipes of the prayers of Stefan cel Mare and Saint and their descendants.

Enhance the cooking and good appetite!

August 2, 2010