Financial aid for children with cancer

Financial aid for children with cancer

Through the campaign "Be with the heart with children" initiated by Sensiblu at the national level, the P.A.V.E.L Association in Bucharest now benefits from a donation of 60,000 RON.

The fundraising program "Be in the heart of children" took place between November 2009 - February 2010. By selling the campaign symbol within the network of pharmacies Sensiblu, 6 NGOs from the country received financial support for treating serious health problems. of children in Romania.

In total, RON 225,000 was redirected by Sensiblu and Sensiblu Foundation to modernize and equip the 6 beneficiary NGOs from all areas of the country.

"We are glad that we have completed the donation documents and the P. Association.

A.V.E.L. from Bucharest now has 60,000 RON which can treat children suffering from cancer. We chose to support 6 NGOs because we wanted to be with as many children in need of help. They will use this money where they need it most. We hope that this way, we have each contributed to improving the health of some children with serious problems, "says Cristina Horia, Executive Director of Sensiblu Foundation.

The president of the P.A.V.E.L Association, Olga Cridland, says that "the donation from Sensiblu will be used throughout the year for projects such as covering the costs for the diagnosis and medical treatment of children and young people with cancer."

The campaign "Be with the heart with children" represented a national continuation of the first initiative, "Open your heart to children", carried out in May 2009.

About the 6 NGOs

The institutions chosen by Sensiblu and the Sensiblu Foundation as beneficiaries of the campaign "Be with your heart with children" treat the following serious medical problems in newborns and children:

  • P.A.V.E.L. Bucharest aims to improve the lives of children and young people suffering from cancer, leukemia and severe anemia by providing moral, informational, psychological and material support to children, young patients and their families;

  • Children's Nephrology Clinic, Cluj-Napoca provides the costs for dialysis of some children and the increase of the quality of the therapy in order to decrease the infant mortality rate;

  • The Langdon Down Association, Dolj educates and integrates children with intellectual disabilities in general, and with Down syndrome, in particular;

  • The Pro Vita Association, Prahova for newborns and unborn children, aims to financially and logistically support the assistance and placement centers of the association, where there are over 200 abandoned children in need of specialized assistance permanently;

  • Betania Association, Bacau coordinates actions that come in support, rehabilitation, education and training of children with autism, by carrying out social, medical and educational projects;

  • "Bega" University Clinic of Obstetrics-Gynecology, Timisoara has as its main activity the consultation and care of women during pregnancy and specialized services for newborns.

July 16, 2010