Flower habits and superstitions

Flower habits and superstitions

From Flowers, one of the great Orthodox holidays, the Christian and pre-Christian elements combine happily, resulting in extremely picturesque traditions and customs.

The one who shares the Flowers has great chances of fulfilling any desire he will put when he approaches the priest.

On the occasion of the Flores, the women bake the pies they give to the poor of the poor so that they do not die of their longing, as Lazar's mother suffered. Legends say that people who don't celebrate Lazar's day will be filled with freckles like the Jews.

Now the clothes and the dowry are aired.

Before the big Flower celebration, the big girls from Banat and Transylvania get used to putting a mirror and a clean shirt under a graying hair.

After sunrise they are taken and used in the charms of love and health.

At midnight boil basil in water. They put coffees from the hair used for the burial of a big girl and in the morning the girls wash their heads with this iron, to grow their hair beautiful and shiny like iron from the hair. What remains is poured at the root of a hair in the hope that the boys will look after them, like a flowering tree.

At the same time, if someone dares to wash his head on the day of the Flower, without the holy water, it risks bleaching.

Some willow branches are given to cattle to eat, and orchards and vines are adorned to yield rich fruits.

The tradition also says that as the time of Flowers will be, so will it be on the first day of Easter.

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